The Girls Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts

The lawsuit over a trademark comes about a year after the Boy Scouts announced they are letting girls into their program.
2:59 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for The Girls Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts
We move to our cover story. That scout showdown. The girl scouts are suing the boy scouts after the boy scouts dropped the word "Boy" from their name and started inviting girls to join their ranks and, T.J., I know have you this for us. We just had a nasty election cycle. Divided government. Democrat versus Republican. Now the boys and the girl scouts can't even get along. We're in trouble. The boy scouts want to start including girls, okay. But the girl scouts say that inclusion takes something away from them. Their very identity. What are you doing? Reporter: Renee is showing how to start a fire. This did a fire starting. Reporter: A skill this girl learned in her boy scout troop. I like to go kayaking and I like to go hiking and go outdoors. Reporter: The century old boy scouts of America organization began enrolling girls into its cub scouts this past summer. She likes more outdoorsy things and hiking, kayaking, things like that so the boy scouts fit right in. Reporter: And say it's flagship program known as the boy scouts will get a name change early next year and will drop the word boy and be called scouts bsa and accept girls. And the girl scouts say they aren't having it. The girl scouts say they believe the name change is confusing causing people to think the two groups merged or that the girl scouts no longer exists. The girl scouts of America filed a federal trademark lawsuit to prevent the name change saying the suit is standard practice in any field and we did what any brand, company, corporation or organization would do to protect its intellectual property. The value of its brand in the marketplace and to defend its good name. The boy scouts say their decision to expand our program offerings for girls came after years of requests from families who wanted the option of the bsa's character and leadership-development programs for their children, boys and girls. On the boy scouts home page you see just as many girls as boys in each of the pictures. But some girls aren't signing up for the boy scouts because of confusion. I chose the boy scouts because it's fun. Now, a lot has to do with numbers. The boy scouts have 5 million. The membership in the '70s down to about 2 million so trying to get the numbers up, but get this, the girl scouts, front page says this in a world of boys clubs give your girl a place of her own so they're trying to hold on -- this is a special place for girls. It's going to be a fight and rightly so. I'm a lifetime member of the girl scouts and I remember played sports and that was great but being around other girls and being taught leadership and not having to because at that age, you know, sometimes when you're a girl and a boy, the side is a little bit to the boy. Let us have our own place is what they're saying. You know it's something when you start stomping when do the lead-in. The boys and girls can't even get along.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"The lawsuit over a trademark comes about a year after the Boy Scouts announced they are letting girls into their program. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59028694","title":"The Girls Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts","url":"/GMA/News/video/girls-scouts-suing-boy-scouts-59028694"}