Hurricane Dorian storm surge threats continue

ABC News’ Rob Marciano reports from Melbourne, Florida, as cities across the East Coast brace for dangerous conditions.
2:20 | 09/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Dorian storm surge threats continue
The outer bands now sitting the southeast and the biggest concern now storm surge. Rob Marciano is tracking that from Melbourne, Florida. Good morning, rob. Good morning, George. We're getting hit with the back side of this thing in the way of wind, waves and rain, of course, on the bay side. You can see the waves and the storm surge affecting us. So much of the storm has been compared to hurricane Matthew. This is a road badly damaged during that and they're still working on that. It is still open but so much of this state is surrounded by water and that made for a long night when you had a hurricane of this magnitude raking the coast. Hurricane Dorian packing a punch as it churns up the eastern seaboard. Just 80 miles off the coast of cape canaveral, the category 2 hurricane slamming the shoreline with dangerous wind gusts, heavy rain and intention storm surge. If you live in a residence that flooded over the last four years, you should evacuate your residence and move to higher ground. Reporter: Millions of Americans under mandatory evacuation orders as they face several feet of storm surge. Overnight, our gio Benitez feeling the fury of Dorian's massive wind field. We are really feeling it. That wind is howling and slamming against windows because now this is the closest this eye has been to this part of Florida. Reporter: Already eroding the beach in cape canaveral. The storm surge carving feet out of the dunes. Over 800 flights canceled. Several airports completely shut down. Over 100-mile-per-hour wind gusts knocking down trees leaving 11,000 customers in the dark overnight. Jacksonville Florida, the National Guard ready to deploy. We are ready to bring in logistical and communication support, high water rescue support. Reporter: Many floridians confident in riding it out. This is what happens in Florida. You stay, you protect your property. Reporter: We only lost power for an hour, less 1% of the folks in this county are without power but that Windfield is expanding and now he to worry about folks that live on the bay side as we continue to get the pounding of waves and water surge. Thank you. As we've been telling you Dorian is moving north heading toward

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"ABC News’ Rob Marciano reports from Melbourne, Florida, as cities across the East Coast brace for dangerous conditions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65376613","title":"Hurricane Dorian storm surge threats continue","url":"/GMA/News/video/hurricane-dorian-storm-surge-threats-continue-65376613"}