Iran fired cruise missiles at Saudi oil facility

President Donald Trump warned the U.S. was "locked and loaded" to respond to the attack, waiting for verification on who was responsible and for word from Saudi Arabia on how to proceed.
2:35 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for Iran fired cruise missiles at Saudi oil facility
Very gentle and sensitive, kind man. The escalating tensions in the persian gulf after that attack that crippled key oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. The trump administration is blaming Iran for the attack. That regime denies the claim and oil prices soared after the president warned the U.S. Is locked and loaded for potential retrillionation. Martha Raddatz is tracking all the latest from Washington. Good morning. Reporter: This is one of the most serious foreign policy challenges the president has faced. With global consequences, a spike in oil prices and the possibility of a major military conflict with Iran. This morning, with some of the world's largest oil processing facilities in Saudi Arabia still smoldering, president trump threatening military action in retaliation, tweeting, we are locked and loaded depending on verification. But a senior administration official tells ABC news that the highly coordinated attack was launched from Iranian soil nearly a dozen cruise missiles and at least 20 drones packed with explosives pounding multiple targets at the facilities. The massive blaze lighting up the skies. The smoke and fire visible from space. If the Iranians directly attacked the Saudi it's a major escalation and the first time we have seen a direct attack by the Iranians on Saudi territory. Reporter: Secretary of state Mike Pompeo pointing the finger at Iran as well. In a tweet calling on all nations to publicly and unequivocally condemn Iran's attacks, which Iran flatly denies. The Iranian foreign minister mocking Pompeo saying the U.S. Having failed at max pressure now turning to max deceit. Over the summer Iran was accused of attacking oil tankers in the persian gulf and shooting down a highly sophisticated and costly U.S. Drone. After threats of military action, president trump then called off retaliatory strikes but this time could be different. This is as close as the U.S. Last come to a direct confrontation with Iran since the standoff began. Reporter: An official telling ABC news it may take six months to repair and ail is predicted to go up $20 a barrel, the official said. President trump is trying to reassure Americans tweeting, plenty of oil. But promising to tap into the strategic oil reserves if necessary. This while the administration is trying to figure out how to respond to this brazen attack, George. Martha Raddatz, thanks very

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"President Donald Trump warned the U.S. was \"locked and loaded\" to respond to the attack, waiting for verification on who was responsible and for word from Saudi Arabia on how to proceed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65636559","title":"Iran fired cruise missiles at Saudi oil facility","url":"/GMA/News/video/iran-fired-cruise-missiles-saudi-oil-facility-65636559"}