Judge orders couple behind $400,000 GoFundMe account in court

Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico are accused of keeping money they raised to help John Bobbitt, a homeless man.
3:46 | 09/06/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Judge orders couple behind $400,000 GoFundMe account in court
Wish everybody well going through he twi in what started as a hopel Ory. A New Jersey couple who helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars foa homeless man, well, that couple is now facing accusations they U T on themselves and this morning a Jue demanding answers. He's not the onlyone. ABC's here wit theory. Reporte hundreds ofhousands of dollars raised a good samaritan now lot of queioorning about where all went. The nation.meless veran jumping to the aid aanger in dist. Was driving down 95 and ran of gas I pulledver onte side of the road. He wd up a he sai I'll be back. Helped het backher way. I wasn't anything in return. Reporter: Last Johnny bobbittave Kate hilast $ for gas. In retu mcclu and her boyfri mark d'amico set up a we started a gofundme for this guy just to him, you know, to get the streets for a week Reporter: They raised over ,000 in just weeks. It'sinning the lottery. Reporter: But that was then. Ismorning, it's a whole different Y. We're here tod to ask the defendan where the money went. orter:bobbitt's attorney claim the ce spenthe M themselves and sinceeiving E money T pair could be seen enjoy a variety ofactiviesoing T Vegas, visiting the grand canyon, on a private hel ur. Sitting front row at a Broadway show in New York, riding around in a Lim I L.A. Going on sho SP ke se with a Louis Von bag and gambli ring to T couple's lawyer Bob $200,000 an drug use. Bobbitt says he's only received 75,000. E to ask them for everything. It K-- in the beginning it was a jok like they were like my but the joke stops being funny after il Reporter: A judge the remaining funds to be put into escrow but that never ened. Ere did the money go?eporter: Keiding reporters' quesons.wednesday, lawyers for the coupho did not appear in court trd to pad the fifth on T behalf but the judge was having nf that. And is now orderin them to appear before her to defend themselves. I am not allowing you to theirce anymore. Reporter: This morning, from many the more T 14,000 people whoonated to help the homeless vete outrage. I think it's ful. Overall it was that these LE H very ll stolenrom ls andots of people. Eporter: Now as for that couple the judge is movg a the court on Monday. So we'll hear something about what judges nononsense. Fuhat is the reaction. Olice and set up anaccount, $,000 they put withis lawyer an have ts thing Cal a gofundme guarantee. Yon'ut it but they actually guarantee the ney donated so he will G the full0, they make sure that happens. To use it often. People from using this fund.it's done such G work for a lot of then you see something like this, shame on them. Definitely go make people think twice. They hahat'strue. Posting pictures of themselves doing that aswe. Incredible story. Kaepernick

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico are accused of keeping money they raised to help John Bobbitt, a homeless man.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57641695","title":"Judge orders couple behind $400,000 GoFundMe account in court","url":"/GMA/News/video/judge-orders-couple-400000-gofundme-account-court-57641695"}