How Kamala Harris will impact the 2020 presidential race

ABC News political contributor Yvette Simpson weights in on how the addition of Harris to the Democratic ticket could affect November’s election.
2:56 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for How Kamala Harris will impact the 2020 presidential race
In fact, joining us is Yvette Simpson, chief executive officer of democracy for America and ABC news political contributor. This is all happening with the backdrop of the black lives matter movement and we've been talking about this as a historic choice, but some are also calling it safe and is it galvanizing for Democrats? Good morning, T.J. And Amy. I think it is. You know, so at this stage we're still celebrating the fact that Joe Biden selected an African-American woman, an indian-american woman on the ticket. When you think about the civil unrest we've seen across our country this year with black lives matter that choice is a really important choice. Kamala Harris, who I know people were concerned about her criminal justice background, has been one of the most outspoken about the murders of breonna Taylor and, of course, George Floyd and so I think at this stage a lot of women, especially black women, black and brown women are saying let us have a day. Can we have today to celebrate the fact that he made this historic choice. I think it is a very important choice for black and brown people, particularly women in this country. I want to ask you, you're from the more Progressive wing of the democratic party and there was concern that perhaps kamala Harris was too centrist. How is she regarded politically among your colleagues? You know, she would not have been the first or the second choice among Progressives, certainly Elizabeth Warren and Stacey Abrams would have occupied those but Progressives are all about racial justice and representative democracy and I think we're celebrating that we also see kamala as someone who will listen. She was Progressive early in her career endorsed by our organization democracy for America in fact when she ran for senate so I think she's somebody we think we can talk to and work with and I think Progressives expect to have that conversation with her in the white house. You touched on this but I'll let you expand on this. What is the reaction that you're hearing and seeing among communities of color for this nomination? Oh, my goodness, my phone, social media, I've been on call since yesterday. People are so excited. She went to Howard. Hbcu folks are representing. I'm a delta. Black women ready to mobilize. The big thing we need to talk about is the wall of resistance that trump and his administration will get from black and browning and even white women if he tries to bring forward sexist and racist commentary which we fully expect and are ready for. I think there was a concern if Joe Biden didn't make this choice that black women would feel demoralized and wouldn't feel excited about mobilizing and we know we need that energy going into November so I'm excited to see black and brown women ready to move forward. You know it's a big deal. She has brought together an aka and a delta. Yvette Simpson, good to see you. We got to work together. Good to see you. Thank you, Yvette. Now to the potential dangers

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"ABC News political contributor Yvette Simpson weights in on how the addition of Harris to the Democratic ticket could affect November’s election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72322979","title":"How Kamala Harris will impact the 2020 presidential race","url":"/GMA/News/video/kamala-harris-impact-2020-presidential-race-72322979"}