First lady talks about her husband, Kavanaugh and the #MeToo movement

Melania Trump took questions from reporters as she wrapped up her first foreign solo trip.
2:59 | 10/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for First lady talks about her husband, Kavanaugh and the #MeToo movement
One more reason to love Eva. We'll start with something unusual. The first lady Melania trump opening up on a number of topics as she wraps up her trip to Africa. The first lady rarely takes questions from the media giving her take about the supreme court saga and her husband's tweets. And a whole lot more. Tara Palmeri has more. Good morning. Good morning. Melania trump a thousand miles away from the white house stepping out on her own. With a different message than her husband. Calling for U.S. Aid in the region something he says he wants to cut. Reporter: For the first time ever first lady Melania trump fielding questions from the press in front of an Egyptian sphinx as she wraps up her first solo trip. Mrs. Trump weighing in over controversy at home. Speaking out about the confirmation battle over supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh. I think he's highly qualified for the supreme court. Reporter: Did you believe Christine Ford? I think we need to help all the victims no matter what abuse they had. Reporter: The first lady offering this pointed response about her husband. I don't always agree with what he says. I tell him that. I give him my honest opinion and sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn't. Reporter: Have you ever told him to put his phone down? Yes. Reporter: Mrs. Trump cuddling a baby boy in a hospital at Ghana to visits an elementary school in Malawi. Even feeding an elephant in Kenya. The trip focussed on children and her anti-bullying campaign, be best. The first lady once again criticized over her fashion choices sporting a white pit helmet, a sign affiliated with the painful colonial period. Of Africa. We just completed an amazing trip. I wish people would focus on what I do and not what I wear. Reporter: On another solo trip she was slammed for wearing this jacket reading I really don't care do you at a Texas detention center for migrant children. On this trip the first lady sending a different message. We care. We want to show the world we care. The first lady was asked about a vulgar slur he made about African nations. She said it never came up in her conversations with world leaders and she's never heard him use those words himself. Guys. Tara Palmeri, thank you. We'll hear more from the first lady. Tom llamas sat down with the first lady during her trip for an exclusive interview. The one hour prime time special "Being Melania" airs Friday, October 12th at 10:00 P.M. Eastern on ABC. Whit, you picked up on

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Melania Trump took questions from reporters as she wrapped up her first foreign solo trip.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58339714","title":"First lady talks about her husband, Kavanaugh and the #MeToo movement","url":"/GMA/News/video/lady-talks-husband-kavanaugh-metoo-movement-58339714"}