Mayor of Minneapolis addresses calls to 'defund police'

Jacob Frey addresses the Minneapolis City Council's intent to move toward dismantling the city's police department and police reform.
4:03 | 06/08/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mayor of Minneapolis addresses calls to 'defund police'
We are joined by mayor Jacob Frey. Thanks for joining us. We showed that video of you and we heard about what the council is deciding to do right now. So will you veto a council resolution to dismantle the Minneapolis police department? Let me be clear, I am for massive structural and transformational reform to an entire system that has not for generations worked for plaque and brown people. We have failed them and we need to entirely reshape the system. We need a full on cultural shift in how our police department and departments throughout the country function and am I for entirely abolishing the police department, no, I'm not. Over the coming days and weeks I'm looking forward to working with them and talking with them about what they mean when they say ending and abolishing and I'll be talking with them They were very clear last night this. Has to be 9 beginning of the end of the police department. You have people like congressman ilhan OMAR saying it's rotten to the core and can't be reformed and believe it has to start from the ground up. Well, in looking from the ground up, I look to our chief arradondo. This is someone who literally sued the police department for racial discrimination this. Is someone who is chock-full of integrity and has been doing the very hard work to get that transformational reform and now he's our chief. I do support him. But let me be clear, there are so many areas where both mayors and chiefs, elected officials and otherwise have been lambstrung for generations because we can't get that necessary culture shift because we have difficulty both terminating and disciplining officers and then getting that termination or discipline to and so let me be very clear, we're going after the police union, the police union contract, the arbitration provisions that mandate that we have arbitration at the end of the process and oftentimes that reverts the officer right back to where they were to begin we need to be able to have the culture shift and if we're going to do that it also means we need to have the ability to discipline officers to begin Those are some of the changes you're calling for. Is there room for a compromise here with the protesters saying dismantle the police department? Just lay out what a compromise might look like and how you'll get them to accept it. I don't want to speak for the peaceful protesters in Minneapolis. I can only speak for myself and the vision that we have for the police department, which requires massive structural reform and so, you know, everything is on the table at this point. I think right now we need to use this momentum, channel all this anger and sadness and energy to real structural reform and I think we're coming to a reckoning right now. A reckoning of our words from the past with our action that is need to take place now and into the future. You are taking it from both sides during this entire crisis. We showed that video of the protesters telling you to go home saying threatening to vote you out next year. President trump has not been shy on Twitter calling you weak. What kind of toll has this taken on you personally and do you think it might cost you your job? You know, I have been attacked by everyone from Donald Trump to, yes, activists but I want to be clear, I support people expressing their first amendment rights even when it means that they're calling me out. So is it difficult? Yes, of course, it's difficult. But let's remember this is not about me. This is about the tragic murder of George Floyd by a police officer. We need to be grounded in that as we move forward. Mayor Frey, thank you for your time this morning. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Jacob Frey addresses the Minneapolis City Council's intent to move toward dismantling the city's police department and police reform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71128874","title":"Mayor of Minneapolis addresses calls to 'defund police'","url":"/GMA/News/video/mayor-minneapolis-addresses-calls-defund-police-71128874"}