Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan vow to keep fighting for equal pay

A judge ruled against the soccer stars’ U.S. women’s national team on their claims of receiving less pay than the men’s team.
5:42 | 05/04/20

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Transcript for Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan vow to keep fighting for equal pay
got something special for us right now. And you have something special for me. I love you playing my song. Thank you so much. I am excited to tell you all about this remarkable group of people. My beloved childhood home down in the Mississippi gulf coast, feed my sheep is the state's largest soup kitchen and they have stayed open during the coronavirus outbreak to help those in need. Right now they serve nearly 600 hot meals a day on the coast. They have served nearly 1.3 million meals since hurricane Katrina back in 2005. Feed my sheep also offering free covid testing. They did that last Friday. Just one of the many communities going above and beyond during this time of need. So so much thanks to the feed my sheep Ainge everyone that's helping out right now including our ABC station down there in the coast who provided that footage. WLOX TV 13 the news for south Mississippi, yeah, I remember. That was my old stomping ground. Gulfport, Mississippi, right, robin, that's my grandmother's hometown. You know that area. That's right. It's so nice to see people doing their best. They are true heroes out there putting their own lives on the line to feed and test people who need it more than ever. Absolutely. That's right, an example of what we're seeing all around the country. Going to turn to the U.S. Women's national team. The soccer team. Their fight for equal pay. A judge recently rejected the players' equal pay claim while other issues in the lawsuit can still move forward. The team, though, has vowed to keep fighting for equal pay. Earlier this morning I spoke with two-time world cup champs, Megan rapinoe and Alex Morgan from their respective homes. Megan and Alex, thank you both for joining us. Wanted to talk about this so let me start with you first, Megan. The judge's ruling, in essence saying the women play more games so they get paid more than the men. What was your response to that? I mean, shocked to be honest. I was very shocked with the ruling and the explanation that was given. Basically it's like if I earn $1 every time I play and I man earns $3, just because I win ten games and he only wins three games and so I make $10 and he made $9 I'm not sure how that's me making more money while having to essentially win everything that we could possibly have won over these past few years, two world cups and just about every game we played. So it sort of for me missed the point but it was very disappointing to be honest. The other aspects of the suit are going forward as far as travel and those kind of things but the equal pay is what you all are really fighting for, correct, Alex? Yeah, I mean we're fighting for all of it but we really do believe in this case and like Megan said we were shocked. This decision was out of left field for us. I think for both sides it was unexpected so we will definitely be appealing and moving forward. If anyone knows anything about the heart of this team we are fighters and we'll continue to fight together for this. So if we were under the men's contract, we would be making three times more. So you can look at the total compensation and say, oh, the women's team made a little bit more. In the time we made just a little bit more we won two world cups and we won just about every single game that we've played in so the rate of pay is just so different and it's just so frustrating to be honest. I think so many women go through this when we went through our cba, I think the judge in the court rule ago lewded to in that now that the contracts have played out we're just saying that because we made less we would like to go to the men's contract. The men's contract was never offered to us and certainly not the same amount of money, so to say that we negotiated for our contract and that's what we agreed to, I think so many women can understand what this feeling is going into a negotiation knowing equal pay is not on the table. Knowing anywhere close to your male counterparts is on the table. Thank you for clearing that up. In the time we have left, Alex, the message that you have for your fans and also the fact that you are still expecting that baby girl, she's not here yet. Yeah, yeah, looking forward to expanding my family but it's taken a little longer than we anticipated. She's a stubborn girl. So we hope in the next week that she will make her entrance into the world. We thank our fans so much for supporting us. All the sponsors that have supported us and this is definitely a hurdle in the road but nothing that's going to stop or deter us from what we have always been true to and that's true equality within the sport. So we are still feeling optimistic and we'll get through this. Alex and Megan, thank you so much for your willingness to always join us and have this very vital, important discussion. Wish you all the best. You take care. Thank you. Thanks, robin. Thanks, robin. You heard them. Vowing that they'll keep on fighting and being at the ticker tape parade after they won the world cup and the ticker tape parade there in New York and to sigh the little boys, little girls that were looking to them and cheering them on and they know that they have an example they want to set not just for themselves but for pay equality for all and that's something that they're still fighting for.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"A judge ruled against the soccer stars’ U.S. women’s national team on their claims of receiving less pay than the men’s team. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70485238","title":"Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan vow to keep fighting for equal pay","url":"/GMA/News/video/megan-rapinoe-alex-morgan-vow-fighting-equal-pay-70485238"}