Men from deadly Costa Rica rafting disaster speak out

Four of the five men who died in the accident were part of a large bachelor party "having the time" of their lives before their rafts capsized.
4:02 | 11/19/18

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Transcript for Men from deadly Costa Rica rafting disaster speak out
for the first time, and sharing exclusive new images from that fateful trip that left four Americans and a tour guide dead in Costa Rica. Adrienne Bankert spoke with them and joins us now. Reporter: We spent all day with these men. 14 very close friends, now ages 22 to 35 and their grieving families, a trip of a lifetime that turned into a nightmare. I know. Hey. Sergio, do you love me? Reporter: It was supposed to be a celebration. 14 friends from south Florida travel to Costa Rica for a bachelor party. It was supposed to be just an amazing time. It was literally two, three days of nothing but great memories and within five minutes, literally everything just turned upside down. Reporter: This video showed exclusively with ABC news shows the guys hiking, driving atvs, but only ten would return home. It wasn't a friend of a friend. These people were specifically chosen because they played a part in my life specifically. That's why I mentioned -- Reporter: On the last day of their trip, they took a rafting excursion guided by a company on the river, and all three of their rafts capsized. I thought I was having a heart attack, like, I was lifeless. I couldn't move my head or my arms or my legs. I was beat up. My knees were banged up. Each one of us were just in survivor mode. I was just trying to grab ahold of a rock or anything that was near us. Reporter: Separated from each other by the violence of waves they say ripped off their clothes and shoes and left them breathless hanging on for life on jagged rocks, four wouldn't survive. The groom's brother, Sergio Lorenzo, Jorge Caso, enesto sarah, and Andreas Denis who they called Andy. Andy was on the raft while I was holding onto the raft. The raft flipped again. I never saw him again. Reporter: SHAWN Estevez had the heartbreaking duty of telling his soon-to-be fiancee. Chloe, I don't have facts. I don't know. And we're all together now. He is not here. Reporter: Costa rican authorities say there were weather advisories and they say warnings were never given to them by their tour guides. Subconsciously you put your guard down because U going to have a good time and you never think of this happening. Neither did we. Reporter: What would you say if you say, I'm going to celebrate and take a group of my guys out rafting? I want to do the rapids. Do your research. How is the river? How is this company? Reporter: The four families that had to bury their sons, sill in shock. Ernesto tell me about your son. My son was my only child. He was my blessing, but, you know, I'm thankful that I had a son like him. Reporter: Some of the families will be leaving again for their third trip to Costa Rica over the Thanksgiving holiday. They want time in front of the tours to insist on regulations and safeguards that be put in place so this never happens to another family. Hope it will never happen to another family. They were all wearing the same red t-shirt. Was their message there? It spells out fast, but they morphed each letter to represent the names of those who died. Their four brothers as they call them. My goodness, and it was a bachelor party. I imagine the wedding has been postponed. It has been postponed and they won't be celebrating Thanksgiving. It was supposed to be on November 30th, B this has all happened in the past 30 days -- this is just 30 days ago that they went through this life or death scenario. All right, Adrienne.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Four of the five men who died in the accident were part of a large bachelor party \"having the time\" of their lives before their rafts capsized.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59288631","title":"Men from deadly Costa Rica rafting disaster speak out ","url":"/GMA/News/video/men-deadly-costa-rica-rafting-disaster-speak-59288631"}