NASCAR drivers, crew show support for Bubba Wallace

Drivers and their crew teams walked as one to push Wallace’s car down the track just 24 hours after a noose was found in his garage stall.
3:48 | 06/23/20

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Transcript for NASCAR drivers, crew show support for Bubba Wallace
everybody, with new developments after that noose was found in NASCAR driver bubba Wallace's garage. The FBI is now investigating as the other drivers rally around NASCAR's only full time black driver with an incredible act of solidarity and T.J. Holmes is here with the story. Reporter: Remember, the headlines the past two weeks have been about the confederate flag and a noose. Yesterday at a race in Alabama, different images emerge of the only black driver in his car at times in tears, at times in the lead and at the beginning all of his fellow drivers in support of him. All in all we won today. Reporter: An emotional day and one extraordinary moment at talladega motor speedway. The prerace deal was probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to witness in my life. Reporter: NASCAR drivers joined by their pit crews pushing bubba Wallace's number 43 car to the front of the field in a show of support and solidarity before Monday's Geico 500 race. Wallace, the only black driver in NASCAR's top division overcome with emotion as he was greeted by team owner, 82-year-old Richard petty making a rare special appearance to support his driver. Wallace capturing the moment and tweeting, together and this rallying cry from his crew. We all do. Take care of yourself. Get yourself a deep breath, get your mind right. Shut these haters up. Reporter: Coming 24 hours after a noose was found had his team garage stall, an area restricted to only essential person Neal. NASCAR and the FBI are now investigating. Unequivocally they will be banned from this sport for life. There is no room for this at all and we won't tolerate it. Reporter: It was just two weeks ago NASCAR banned confederate flags at races. But that banned flag could still be flown on cars and trucks driving by and this plane flew overhead. Wallace led the fight to get that bang, something Brad Doherty, one of the sport's few black team owners says it a sign of a new age for NASCAR. If you're not part of this movement you'll be left in the wake and NASCAR is taking a huge stance on changing a lot of things, the perception of NASCAR over the last, you know, five decades and how people view the sport. What they think of the sport. This is unprecedented and this is huge. Reporter: In a recent conversation with fellow driver Ty Dillon Wallace said he did not speak up about racism until he saw the video of ahmaud arbery being gunned down by two white men in February. It was so sad to see. That changed me on how vocal I need to be about things. Reporter: Wallace born in Alabama to a black mother and white father also opened up about his own experiences with racism from being called the "N" word when he was younger to a more recent incident of being pulled over by cops while driving a Lexus. He's like, is this your car? And I said yes and he said, can you afford this car and I said, yes, sir, I can with an attitude. Reporter: Leading the charge taking a stand against racism in a sport that has long looked the other way. As far as the race goes, Wallace led at one point but finished 14th. But after the race Wallace walking up to new fans wearing black lives matter t-shirt. First time is right here from Atlanta. That is so cool. The sport is changing. Reporter: Again, a noose represents an era of terror really against blacks in this country so this was taken as a threat and, in fact, stra, yes, they increased security around bubba Wallace over the time in Alabama. Definitely can understand why, T.J. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Drivers and their crew teams walked as one to push Wallace’s car down the track just 24 hours after a noose was found in his garage stall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71399969","title":"NASCAR drivers, crew show support for Bubba Wallace","url":"/GMA/News/video/nascar-drivers-crew-show-support-bubba-wallace-71399969"}