Olympians Nathan Chen and Nick Goepper share favorite moments

U.S. figure skater Nathan Chen told ABC News' Amy Robach that he "had nothing to lose" by attempting six quads in his routine.
3:05 | 02/20/18

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Transcript for Olympians Nathan Chen and Nick Goepper share favorite moments
shoes then but more now. We'll go to the winter games and two athletes bringing home medals for team usa and Amy had a chance to sit down with the stars and let's go back to her had South Korea. Good morning again, Michael. Big day for me. I was so excited. I got to talk to two athletes who made their olympic dreams become a reality. Nick goepper and Nathan Chen who did more than just medal, he made history. Will he add another? This is number six. Nathan Chen setting an olympic record landing six quadruple jumps in the long program. Did you know you would go for six and did you feel confident you were going to land them. After the short program and I was so low I had nothing to lose and I was, you know, figuring that that was the best time to attempt something like that. Reporter: At just 18 Chen helping lead team usa to bronze in the team event. Tell me what that tell like to come to your first olympics and get hardware right away. It felt great to be able to do that and truly just because of the efforts of my team. You're only 18. Yeah. What's the future look like for Nathan Chen? Definitely do still have a long career ahead of me. 2022 is not that far away. Just four years away. Reporter: For now taking in the success of pyeongchang. It's kind of hard to ignore the cereal box behind your head. I remember going down the cereal aisle and looking at idol, olympians and incredible to think I'm one of them. Goepper's last chance, one, two, three. Wow! Reporter: An incredible run in slopestyle for American skier Nick goepper upgrading his bronze in Sochi for silver in this year's games. Last week you had a bronze. Now look at you with silver. I know, I know. I think it's a little bit heavier than the bronze. I'm just trying to add to my collection. I want every color. So what are you going to do to celebrate when you get home? Any plans. I've just been spending a lot of time with my family. That's all celebration I need and, of course, we've been commuting at the family home. Reporter: He had a hard run overcoming depression and substance abuse before completing a treatment program in 2016. Now the 2018 games a moment of redemption for goepper. Tell me how it felt when you got to the bottom. Oh, my gosh, it was such a relief. Emotions running so high. I just threw my hands up in excitement. Now, I asked Nathan Chen what his favorite olympic moment was. It was sweet. He said it was being up on that podium after winning bronze with his teammates knowing they together had created that moment and accomplished it and as for Nick, well, he said he is not going home. He is going to stick around pyeongchang to cheer on the rest of team usa so it's a real community here, Michael, and it's beautiful to witness. I agree and beautiful to hear these guys talk about all the work they put in and the results at the end of it all. Thank you for bringing that to us. All the way from South Korea. We'll see you. You're not coming back home either and you're staying to keep us informed That's true. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"U.S. figure skater Nathan Chen told ABC News' Amy Robach that he \"had nothing to lose\" by attempting six quads in his routine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53216559","title":"Olympians Nathan Chen and Nick Goepper share favorite moments","url":"/GMA/News/video/olympians-nathan-chen-nick-goepper-share-favorite-moments-53216559"}