Trump's 4th of July celebration questioned

Tanks were seen overnight moving into Washington for the president's Independence Day event at the Lincoln Memorial, raising questions about the event's cost.
2:31 | 07/03/19

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Transcript for Trump's 4th of July celebration questioned
Now to new details about president trump's fourth of July event at the Lincoln memorial. Tanks seen overnight moving into the city and now there are questions about how much this is going to cost. Stephanie Ramos is on the parade route there in Washington, has more for us. Good morning, Stephanie. Reporter: Robin, good morning. As you can see, the Bradley fighting vehicle is already here on the national mall. Military units, marching bands, floats and fighter jets are all getting into position for the big event and so are protesters. I hope a lot of people come and it's going to be about this country and it's a salute to America. Reporter: Those words sparking criticism that the president has taken over d.c.'s fourth of July celebration on the national mall. Traditionally a nonpolitical event. I'm going to be here. I'm going to say a few words. Reporter: So far putting America's might on display hasn't been easy. These 60-ton tanks traveling in D.C. Were unable to clear the overpass and had to be rerouted. Reagan national airport stopping arrivals and departures so the blue angels and plane used for air force one can conduct a flyover costing taxpayers roughly $142,000. While the administration won't say how much this is all costing, "The Washington post" writes that the national park service is diverting nearly $2.5 million in entrance and recreation fees to cover costs. Money initially intended to improve parks across the country. We're going to have planes going overhead and we're going to have some tanks stationed outside. Reporter: That promise drawing criticism from D.C. Politicians. I also have some concerns about a president not celebrating the military, but glorifying military might. That scares me the most. He is not respecting the traditions of this city and region and it is much resented. Reporter: While party loyalists will be front and center with vip tickets handed out to Republican organizations alone, protesters plan on putting up a trump baby balloon like this one right in his line of sight. Another moment that is concerning a lot of folks especially around here is when the president tweeted yesterday plugging the fireworks companies for donating to the fourth of July festivities, the pyrotechnic donors tell us they recently appealed directly to the president in an oval office meeting asking him to stand down on Chinese tariffs which would greatly affect their industry being that China is the largest producer of consumer and commercial pyrotechnics, Cecilia. Quite a sight behind you. The protests erupting over conditions at those migrant

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Tanks were seen overnight moving into Washington for the president's Independence Day event at the Lincoln Memorial, raising questions about the event's cost.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64105415","title":"Trump's 4th of July celebration questioned","url":"/GMA/News/video/questions-surround-trumps-4th-july-celebration-64105415"}