Record cold moves in for millions of Americans

Record lows throughout the Midwest brought snow and ice that combined for dangerous driving conditions and a winter weather advisory in some states.
2:33 | 11/11/19

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Transcript for Record cold moves in for millions of Americans
record cold that is moving in for millions of Americans from the midwest to the south and northeast some bracing for up to a foot of snow and Alex Perez starts us off in Chicago where the snow is already falling. Good morning, Alex. Reporter: Hey, good morning, robin. The calendar says fall but it already feels like we are deep into winter. We've been dealing with Friesen rain here that's now turning into snow. A nightmare of a morning commute. This morning -- if her memoir Nikki Haley takes -- Reporter: In Minneapolis cars veering off the roads as snow and ice combine for dangerous driving conditions. Highways transformed into sheets of ice. In South Dakota, freezing rain wreaking havoc on interstate 90 causing spinouts and collisions. This truck flipping right over onto its roof. A winter weather advisory in effect for Illinois and Indiana where temperatures are expected to drop 12 degrees over the next two days. You have to put on extra clothes because you never know. Extra thermals. Extra socks. Reporter: The cold front will continue its March across the country and arrive on the east coast tomorrow. Making it feel more like January than November. And some parts of the great Lakes and new England are bracing for 6 to 10 inches of snow today alone. Robin. All right, Alex, take care. We turn to ginger and you've been telling us it's going to get worse before it gets better. We have at least two days we have to get through this severe cold and a lot of snow in some places. Let's talk bit. Snow flying this morning from Colorado, a swath really over to Michigan. But I want to take you into Indiana and Illinois because that's just one of the spots that's going to showcase the first round of snow and then the potential for lake effect enhancing it. Let's just focus with me on the southern part of the states here right around Evansville is where the front is. You can see northerly winds meeting up with the southerly winds and tells you a lot of the snow flying like Rockford, Illinois, already reported three that is all north of where the front is. Ends up meaning to you, two to six inches in total traveling interstate 55 or doing 80/94 across Indiana you know this is the messy time of year when lake enhanced, new Buffalo, south Bend and real quick example of how deep this cold is going to get. Check it out here. It goes all the way down south to, say, Houston.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Record lows throughout the Midwest brought snow and ice that combined for dangerous driving conditions and a winter weather advisory in some states.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66907270","title":"Record cold moves in for millions of Americans","url":"/GMA/News/video/record-cold-moves-millions-americans-66907270"}