Rescue of kidnapped 8-year-old caught on tape

Bodycam footage shows police rescuing a Fort Worth girl who was kidnapped hours earlier in broad daylight.
3:03 | 11/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rescue of kidnapped 8-year-old caught on tape
We are back with an exclusive look at the dramatic rescue of a young girl kidnapped in broad daylight in Texas. Pierre Thomas has the story. Open the door! Open the door! Reporter: A police tactical team desperate to get inside this Texas hotel room. Break it. Reporter: Fearing for the life of an 8-year-old girl who was kidnapped hours earlier. Hand, let me see your hands. Step out of here. Step out. Reporter: They're in. But where is the child? The nightmare had begun some eight hours earlier. Caught on this doorbell camera. Help me. Help me, please. Reporter: 6:30 on a quiet spring evening, a sprainer snatches a little girl literally out of the hands of her mother as they're out for a walk in this quiet upscale neighborhood in ft. Worth, Texas. The mom fights to save her daughter but is forced out of the car. My daughter just got kidnapped. Reporter: She places this frantic 911 call. Oh, my god. I'm going to Die. Help me, please. Reporter: Amelia was the detective on call. I knew we had to go. That time was against us. Reporter: The top law enforcement official in the area -- Everybody involved was concerned with her well-being and safety. Reporter: Six hours into the dragnet, authorities get a call about a man and girl under suspicious circumstances at this hotel seven miles from the abduction site. Officers from the forest hills police department respond. Talk their way into the room but leave after seeing no evidence of the child. But we now know she was right there hidden in this laundry basket buried under clothes. Afraid to speak because the suspect had threatened her family if she tried to escape. The family friend dials 911 and this time ft. Worth police from the girl's hometown are notified and race to the scene. Moments later a tactical team approaches the same hotel. You have the room information for room 333? I need that person's name, when they checked in, all that stuff. Description of the male that is staying in that room. Reporter: Then the critical moment. It matches the description. Reporter: Officers make their way to room 333, adrenaline rushing. Suspect can in cuffs but for a few gut wrenching moments there's no sign of the girl. Hey, here she is. We got her. Then all of a sudden there she is. Popping out of that laundry basket. We have her. We need an emt. Come on, sweetheart. You're safe. You're gonna be okay. Back off. Let her sit down. Reporter: Now a sergeant Amelia Heise remembers the moment she got the phone call. Time stopped and I was almost too afraid to ask how is she? Reporter: We are told the little girl is doing well with the support of her loving family. So struck with humanity of those officers and the strength of that little girl who authorities say tried to protect her family. What an incredible story right there. That was something. You can see more of it tonight on "Nightline" and we'll be

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Bodycam footage shows police rescuing a Fort Worth girl who was kidnapped hours earlier in broad daylight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67103185","title":"Rescue of kidnapped 8-year-old caught on tape","url":"/GMA/News/video/rescue-kidnapped-year-caught-tape-67103185"}