Rick Pitino says 'I think I'm done with coaching'

The former head basketball coach at the University of Louisville opened up about the scandals in his career but says, "I don't want to hear 'Disgraced Rick Pitino' anymore."
5:40 | 09/05/18

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Transcript for Rick Pitino says 'I think I'm done with coaching'
Our exclusive with one of the most successful and controversial coaches in college sports history at a chance to sit. Down one on one with former mobile coach Rick Pitino to talk about his new memoir. The T know my story and the scandal that forced him out of coaching. I begin our conversation by asking why he decided to write this book now. A sort of a goodbye that. It's in my life and basketball tennis said no way but it's an ending. They wanted to be the ending dad was being portrayed because who wasn't the truth. Coach Rick pitino's basketball victories are legendary. It is for decades long career he's won two national championships. But a series of scandals at the university of blue oval has damaged his reputation. In 2009 he admitted to an extramarital affair with a woman who later tried to blackmail him. Then in 2015 another scandal involving a member of this coaching staff Scott me sick to my stomach who allegedly paid to bring in prostitutes and strippers to entertain players and recruits. And just two years later we think of all the attention being paid to yet another scandal at the school. An FBI investigation has announced regarding an alleged payment by Adidas executives to a potential basketball recruit. So starts we'll fix it that's when will the scandals hits about so when you're coaching staff that he paid prostitutes and strippers. To perform for players recruits in a dorm. And that's you had no knowledge of that you know some people what knowing you think would say how could you not know so how did this happen. Security didn't know my assisting coaches didn't go. That's what happened four times a year probably a 1 o'clock in the morning behind closed doors. They don't want anybody to know it was hidden for reason because it was reprehensible behavior. Do you think it's something though that you you should have known I wish I could have done it would have been stopped immediately. The behavior would have been not only stop people would have been fired and it would be if a price to pay from the outside can you see how some people would say how much more cam mobile 100%. I take full ownership. Everything that happened as a leader of the program but give me a chance to explain that I had nothing to do with what the FBI put out there that being said I can understand how somebody else that could say. Look enough so enough with this type of situation you ought to lead of. I remember your your press conference Rick. When you win after the. The shoe companies I think we need to get to shoe companies out of the lives of young athletes. You said it was so much money it and it was really hurting the game that you and other coaches and getting a really do. Good salary. From the issue companies so what is the role. Well I said that I benefited greatly bloody shoe company's initial companies help an awful lot but there's also an element from that when you deal with. 15200. Million a billion dollar industry people 10% of people do the wrong things with that and that's exactly what happened with the Davis. It's when he seventeen coach didn't hear while not specifically named the Tino and two of his assistants were alluded to in federal indictments. Alleging they knew about a 100000 dollar payment by Adidas executives to a top tier recruit to ensure his commitment to global. One of the school's police sneaker giant sponsors a deed as has declined to comment. Pitino denies any knowledge of payments but believe student athletes should get a share of the billion dollar industry that is collegiate. The DD olympians do it why can't likened the college basketball player to college football players do it but also people with look at located just putting more. Money into what is already seen as being an issue. With collegiate sports world the college's are making the money in the NCAA is making the money the athletes are making money. I think every athlete has a right. To sell their image you in the book by saying the buck stops to issue. But yet and reading the book. You do place. A lot of blame elsewhere. The university NCAA. Shoe companies beat us some here on your staff. There will be some cable who'll read it and say it's this kind deny. It seemed Obama and I'm not in denial I did. Look like I said I had not cheated the game. I never. One time as a head coach said he is Robin. His 20000 dollars complaint from me some not in denial we all have done things wrong do you want to coach again I don't. It's old before me I know that that's why I wrote this book. This book is is my life to have to take responsibility for the things that have gone wrong this us about your legacy of this book trial to its the legacy is. My legacy of my children. I got a great family great wife plays I've coached for over thirty someone uses a head coach this highs and lows. I wrote this book because I don't want it to end as a low. I don't wanna he had disgraced Rick Pitino anymore I don't want to hear that term anymore because I coached in an honest way. Got every ounce of perspiration I could add up every athlete I've coached for the right reasons to make that athlete better. And he was struck about saying he was not going to be the turn of the coaching either college or the pros but that he would still like to work with athletes and and that's this Jimmer hack. You have to go in there and make kids the best that they can possibly be. What the coach is always the coach he's he. And my story pitino my story is in stores right now.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"The former head basketball coach at the University of Louisville opened up about the scandals in his career but says, \"I don't want to hear 'Disgraced Rick Pitino' anymore.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57613833","title":"Rick Pitino says 'I think I'm done with coaching'","url":"/GMA/News/video/rick-pitino-coaching-57613833"}