Seth Moulton announces bid for 2020: Full interview

The former Marine from Massachusetts is the 19th Democrat to declare.
5:48 | 04/22/19

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Transcript for Seth Moulton announces bid for 2020: Full interview
And we are joined now by democratic harsh and Seth Moulton thanked for coming in this morning you've made a big decision. Yes George I'm here to tell you and to tell America that I'm running for president of the United States. And I'm running because I'm patriot because I believe in this country and because it never wanted to sit on the sidelines when it comes to serving it. That's why join the Marines and it's why I ran for congress to try to prevent what I saw got us into Iraq from happening again. And it's why I'm running to take on the most divisive president in American history to bring this country back together near patriot that there are eighteen other patriotic Democrats in the race. As Willie of the nineteenth official candidate. What sets you apart what do you offer that no one else deaths will first of all I'm gonna talk about patriotism about security. About service these are issues that for too long Democrats have ceded to Republicans and we've got to stop that. Because this is actually where Donald Trump is weakest we've got to take him on on these issues on these core values that make a strong and that's run and in doing this campaign isn't going to be Cain campaign. Anchored in service and security and patriotism should there be compulsory national service. You know I think that we would be a much stronger country if more young people have the opportunity to serve so I wouldn't make it making a draft. But I would make a cultural expectation that you know when you go to and into a job interview when your thirtieth gen General McChrystal likes to say. That the one of the first questions you're asked is where did you sir where did you get back. Whether it's in the marine corps of the peace cor in city year. Americorps here at home. Doing something to serve a purpose larger than yourself. A tea what. Join the Marines for me it was. The most important decision I've made in my life this is a big deal I understand but the most important decision was going the Marines I never imagined that that decision. Would set me on a path that would. They would leave me here today. Big question on the table now for Democrats should the house open impeachment proceedings against president chunk. You senator from Massachusetts who was appointed yes they should he agree so I actually said that last year when I voted to start debate. On impeachment that the house does two things we debate and we vote. I don't think it's the right time to have a vote on impeachment until we get all the evidence out there but we should be having this debate and frankly we should have been having it. Starting last year I think I think our party made a mistake. By waiting until there would be some smoking gun. And the mullah report and there's not a big smoking gun like we are hoping for there is a smoking gun about our national security. And then we all should be asking Democrat Republican alike why prudent one and trump elected president that's the big question coming out of this report. And that mistake. That sorry that. That conclusion is unmistakable. And Robert Mueller the investigation say there's no smoking gun some Democrats have with similar report said there's plenty of the evidence of obstruction. I guess I was so there is that yes you're passengers Nelly says he does believe the president obstructed justice to you. From what I seen I believe he did. And I think that's clear and that's why we also have to have Robert Mueller and to testify before the congress because. So far trump has just gotten his dream and an attorney general who's gonna make his own conclusions act his. Trump's own Press Secretary which is not the job of the top law enforcement officer in the United States. And so it's time for us to do our job in congress letters that I think we should have been doing this for awhile to having this debate. To getting it out in public and having this discussion with the American people. About whether or not the president from committed crimes you've said many candy stand if what you believe in even when it's not. Popular what are you will need kill democratic primary voters that they might not want a year. First of all in a tellem that beating trump is going to be harder than they like to think. When I've traveled around this country especially that last year as I was supporting. These amazing people running to take back the house of the bat of House of Representatives especially a whole bunch of veterans. Running in these key swing districts districts that voted for Obama and then shifted to trop. They're looking these voters. Are looking for leaders because they're frustrated with Washington they're sick of the status quo. They can't find jobs in the new economy a stock market is reaching new highs and they can't get enough money to put food on the table. Or go on vacation once a year they've got teachers who are here driving Hoover in the evenings just to make and be. People can't afford health care people can't get equal opportunity to education. As we've got a lot of work to do in this country. And that doesn't mean you know just. Going along with the status quo that means being willing to challenge the Washington establish a prison term is gonna tell those voters Democrats are free socialism. All I'm not a socialist I'm a Democrat. And I want to make that clear. And maybe that's a differentiator for me in this race. You know people we talk a lot about health care for example I think I'm the only candidate who actually gets single Payer health care. So I think health care's a right I think every American should have access to good affordable health care but I made a commitment to continue getting my own health care at them yet. When I was elected to congress that single pair and I'll tell you it's not perfect so if I'm elected I'm not gonna force you off your private health care plan. I want Medicare or better a more modern version of Medicare to be available to everybody. But I'm not gonna force you off your private health care plan if you like. Final question you he said he'd served for two hours. Duty in Iraq in the marine Jason was the b.'s decision he ever made what did you learn from that experience. I learned that I love to serve. You know I went into this to the war. Not agreeing with it. But I recognize that every single day I was in Iraq I could make a difference in the lives of other people. And so even in the miss this war that I fundamentally disagreed with a minute difference by serving this country. And that's why I came back in decided to serve again in congress and fundamentally that's why I'm deciding to have to run for presents what can serve this country. Good luck on the trail thanks for coming in this morning thank you.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"The former Marine from Massachusetts is the 19th Democrat to declare.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62548437","title":"Seth Moulton announces bid for 2020: Full interview","url":"/GMA/News/video/seth-moulton-announces-bid-2020-full-interview-62548437"}