'Star witness' testifies against former boss Paul Manafort

Rick Gates told jurors he and Manafort failed to report over a dozen offshore accounts to the government and admitted to shielding several million dollars.
3:27 | 08/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Star witness' testifies against former boss Paul Manafort
Rst big T in theeller investigation. President trump's campan chair Paul manafort facing the prospect oife in prison and the osecution's Sr witness, rt's longte deputy ric where ted to criminal activitynd laid house correspot Cecilia ga Trac the case exandria, Virginia. Good M Reporter:d morning. The stakould not ber here. Paul manafort for tond day who has flipped a is cooperating with the speci counsel and testifyi a old boss. Center stage thismornin special counsel robermu star witness, Rick Gates, T former deput campan man HT there Donald Trump a tlican natiol convention. Now back aecond dn T stand in a Virginia federal cotifying against his oldbo, Paul nafort. His first day, explosive. Gates telling the courthey yearsommitting crimes together iluding not reporng more than a dozenoffshore units. The prosecutors asking, D you it any cri with Mr. Manafortyes, Gates answered. How much did you T report? Over the years,er dollars.th came manafo rk Behal of Ukrainian ticians wieep ties to Russia. Tens oflions olars prosecutors say that manafort feed T rortnd hid in they say he falsified his taxstoo. And they allege it's H H bankrolled his lavish lifestyle from luxury real estate que Russia a expensive clothes L T $15,000 ostrich. And manafort spent years working side by side as pocaler in fruary Gates pleaded guiltyto conspiry L to federal authorities. He hasot bnd. But nownsidehat courtroom, manafort who hased not guilty staring rht atgates, S mainly avoiding eye contact with hismerboss, even as heed that he beanafort told him to and mitted he several hundred thousand dollars F manafort. A charge mana'srse long mainta.y, mafort's team expected to challenge gate credibility. One lawyer telling the cou last Gates is willing to say anythin toe himself. So this case is about collusio it is not aboutsian interference but you can bet Mueller wi talk toim on that he is the highest ranking campaign aide to cooperate with theal counsel and rose to the rank of deputypaign mana ped that inauguration. Surely has story to tell. Yeah, and they may have Aly talked Abo it. Know those nations tween Robt muellernd the president about a possible incoinue. Rudy giuani now saying he pects to R Mueller today tomorrow. Yeah, I happen any moment. You'll remember sci counsel has M it clear to T president's legal team he nts to qstion the president among the onbstruction ofjustice. The president's team, legal team is pushing back strongly on thaton if Thi L from giulii and the team goes out today or tomorrow seems that these netiations Thate been going on for months are not ding timesoon. Thankmuch. Also a big day inpolitics primary rates in Sal states a special house

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Rick Gates told jurors he and Manafort failed to report over a dozen offshore accounts to the government and admitted to shielding several million dollars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57077417","title":"'Star witness' testifies against former boss Paul Manafort ","url":"/GMA/News/video/star-witness-testifies-boss-paul-manafort-57077417"}