Storm brings heavy snow to the West

ABC News’ Marcus Moore reports from Salt Lake City, Utah, as the storm moves on to target the Midwest and Northeast.
2:15 | 01/17/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Storm brings heavy snow to the West
That dangerous storm moving across the country bringing heavy snow to the west. It is now targeting the midwest and northeast. Marcus Moore has the latest. Reporter: Overnight devastating winter winds, more than 60 miles per hour whipping up whiteout conditions shutting down highways, sidelining cars. In California snowfall blanketing roadways. Low visibility and icy conditions bringing morning commutes to a halt, even stalling rows of trucks. Heavy, wet snow downing power lines causing outages. Some in Washington stuck in freezing temperatures without power as officials battle high winds in an effort to restore the grid. All night building -- putting water up and fixing poles and we come to energize it and trees have come back down. Reporter: Trees also shutting down highways. These residents stocking up on supplies. Power outage. Reporter: It's not just the snow. Other parts experiencing heavy rain, icy roads and dangerous floods. In San Francisco heavy rain fueling the endless stream of water pouring onto a home's driveway extending into the You can go Whitewater rafting in the middle of a rainstorm. Reporter: In Dallas drivers splashing through flooded streets. Some stalling stranding drivers. Here in Salt Lake City this morning they are watching the storm very closely and preparing. You can see several inches of snow have already fallen here and what they're most concerned about is the timing of the rapid snowfall and gusty winds happening during the morning commute and this storm, Michael, expected to wreak havoc across the country. No doubt with that. Thank you so much. We will get to the timing and track of the storm from rob who is here with that. Good morning, rob. Good morning, Michael. I mean look at the size of it. Advise veries from new England out to southern California including blizzard warnings for the upper midwest. Freezing rain and snow across parts of Omaha to Kansas City into Chicago and Minneapolis. Through the evening rush Minneapolis could see six to nine inches. Detroit will see anything snow but it's waffling as it gets into the northeast. Winter weather advisories up for Manhattan, one to three, maybe four inches before it turns to rain. It'll be dangerous conditions over the next 48 hours. Only saving grace, it is a fast mover.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"ABC News’ Marcus Moore reports from Salt Lake City, Utah, as the storm moves on to target the Midwest and Northeast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68350217","title":"Storm brings heavy snow to the West","url":"/GMA/News/video/storm-brings-heavy-snow-west-68350217"}