Storm fury on Trump's Twitter feed

While the president tweeted his condolences to victims of Florence, his comments on a hurricane a year ago ignite controversy.
2:37 | 09/16/18

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Transcript for Storm fury on Trump's Twitter feed
Theyecdouble thed stage. The expectinhistoric this storisnning. President trump hit this ndolences tms of fl 'S expected to visit the disaster zones prepied by another storm, the one that hit pu Rico a ye a let's brinin Jon karwho will be "This week" later morning. Ood morning as fnce bears wn the president so fixated on the previous hurricane MARIA which hit po Rico lasye It's a tt bizarre, N. Ident said it was the great unsung success, the federal sponse too Rico and hurricane MARIA. Ainly doesot seem th way most PEOP. Then hhad this bizarre situation where he was taking president's allies.we've seenaul Ryan and the vernor of flng they accept the death toll of 3,000 ki killing Bynd the afteath. From th white house since sng this ths not been P briefing at the white house. The white house not age answer questiobo Lete switch to another sore subject for the white house. Weot bombshells on Friday. Manafort the former chairman of the trump campaign ths he's cootingal counsel and there. What are you hearing from your sn tsun morning concernre may or may not be in west Ng he official ere's no concern that manafort has nothesident. Dan, there is cly concern nd the scenes. This is the highest level indivial to say they'll cooperate with the investigation. Tnt's rsr,is former naonal secury Viser and now T phoan his campaign dg those critical summer months all with Mueller. That has got T a source of significant concern. Much more tme I'm sur I Jon K we appreate . Thanks for join us on this Sunday morning. Guandant about the latestfl 'll bakown the significance of theui ple andtionf pl manafort with the special counsel. It's coming us morning.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"While the president tweeted his condolences to victims of Florence, his comments on a hurricane a year ago ignite controversy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57857411","title":"Storm fury on Trump's Twitter feed","url":"/GMA/News/video/storm-fury-trumps-twitter-feed-57857411"}