Trump holds rally in Ohio ahead of last special election before midterms

The president was in the home state of LeBron James days after attacking the NBA great on Twitter.
6:23 | 08/05/18

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Transcript for Trump holds rally in Ohio ahead of last special election before midterms
thanks, Arielle. M on now to domes LI president trump passing on an opportunity to doublwn A rare passing for him. Thappened orore accuraly did at a Rall overnigh Ohio. The prent decling to fire morets in his war of words wi hometown hero Lebron James bu lady takion Ta Palmeri H more from Columbus. Morning you. Orter: Goorning, Dan and Eva. It's H third stop on the trail this weeanthe Lebron James coroversy on bench, instead, stopping in states he won,ena, Ohio, Florida where blicans fa tough races ahead. Overnight, president trump up an oveead in Ohio days ahead of a crucial special election Troot quite for this crowd, and you people aot. So much for my brand new beautiful it. Repor rublican congssional caidate Troy Balderson neck and neck with his demoic challenr, Danny o'connor, in tepublican stronghold that president trump won by 11 points, and it's the special election before the mid-terms, seen as a bellwether R D atic wave. Ote for Troy Balderson. He's going to help everybody. They'rin the job done. Imore Republicans. Reporter:irst present trump igni a controvsy with one of three-time champion Bron S, originafrom Akron. This after James told CNN's don lemoat the pride usg sports tdivide the try. Wi noticed er the lt few months, that he' of sport to kind of Divis. Reporter: President trump Ng back in tweet. Quote, lron James was just on televion, don lemon. He made Le look Smar which isn't ea I like Mike -- an apparent refencel Jordan. But jord is sidingith the cut king of E Ng in a statement, quote, I support J. Doing an amazing job for mmunity. Rst ladyelanmp's communicatns directoalso taking a different position, supporting James, saying, quote, her platform cen a visiting organizations, hosps and school woul open to viting the I promise scol in akro but in Ohio the president leaving behihe James fd. Instead praising aer O the STE's lumina, publican cgressman J ignored sexualse when has a wrestlinach at Ohio state sity. Joenies the gation. Nder he's been. What cge. Tell you what, T a brave, tocookie. I don't want to wrestlm, 'S tough. Repr: That oh C seemed to be standin Jordan, giving him a hero's wee, en chantg speaker he use. Seen as a top contender for that leaat is ife republics keep theouse. Guys. That's the question. Tara, thank you so much. A lot alk about let's bring in chief anchor, George stephoulos who'sting "Thiweek" latethis morning. Hey guys. The mid-terms all the way out andpaigns, D? Haen so far, when he getinvolved in a primary race and goes out there at the last secon either coming out Thon the stump or sending ou a tweet, it helps that person the priry, the Republican pry. The big question for the general elec, the mid-rms, the election coming up on Ohio on Tuesday is, when trump gohere, the is retrump. The pls, guaranteeing a victory, or does he drive even mooc the lls. Special eltion, a district he won by 11 points, this is a rock hard republicannt's appearance yesterday had become a dead he D be an easy N. Les talk Abo battle Lebron. This is not good F the public S camp relea statemenas you sawn Tara's piece that'd she woulbe open to visiting the school in Akron. Do you think she's tg thinated efft to mitigate the damage that's been don What you think? Probably the latter? Oh, no. The former? I tnk she's sg what she thinks. She's having hommunicatis dictt she thinks. E president coulke it back wanted to. He could havid somethi erday if he ted to. I think we've seen evidence of before. When the first lady fe strongbout something, she's not id to put T thin Or wear it on her jacket. Exact You havsekulow on the show Tay, he's aeyof trump's legaam. It's a big wfoas far as D rt the special ligation. Any dication as ow -- We're going to ask him 'S going to agree to interview. They've been dragging out negotiatios so far. We did report earlier this week thpecial couel Mueller has agreed to limit so questioning but wants to stick touestions AUT obstruction of justice as well. Wee heading into the end game S really a of chickebee presidller. Who's going to back down first. Presidentmit to an interview or will he tough it out and force possible from Robert Mueller. That's decision fo Mueller D questions we're gog to ask sulow today and Al talk about that new repoinwashington " this mornge the things that may have pr the present outburst this week is increasing concern abhis son, D Jr., and his possible implication I is. A lot to cover. If there's a subpoena, what nd of cris C precit hat's going to go all the way the supre court. If the president defies the subpoena, refuses toply, that couldo way to the supremcourt. We know how at's going to play out. It coulso take mths and nths and mths. Thank Y, George. We really appreciate it. As a reminder, George has a big S morning. He's going to speak exclusively Kasich Ohio and Jaye of Washington discussing the mid-terms looking ahead to and governor Kasich is goi T weigh in on trump'sack on on James. It is coming up right here on

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"The president was in the home state of LeBron James days after attacking the NBA great on Twitter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57040984","title":"Trump holds rally in Ohio ahead of last special election before midterms","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-holds-rally-ohio-ahead-special-election-midterms-57040984"}