Trump's personal lawyer goes to court after FBI raid

Michael Cohen fights back in court trying to retrieve documents that were seized.
2:16 | 04/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump's personal lawyer goes to court after FBI raid
See potential legal problems. For Trump's personal lawyer and Michael Collins defense team in court after those extraordinary FBI raids at his home his office his hotel room ABC's Cathy Moulton is in Washington. Covering it all Kenneth good morning to you. Good morning again I'm Paula federal prosecutors reveal pot Michael Cohen and his business dealings have been under criminal investigation for months this week. President trump defended his longtime personal attorney. The myth so close sources say they spoke by phone Friday as their lawyers worked to keep certain documents and recordings out of the hands of the Fed's. In his statement upstairs this morning embattled attorney Michael Cohen may be the target of an FBI criminal investigation but ABC news has learned he'll represented a powerful client president trump. Is Michael Collins still the president's personal attorney asset hardy he continues to be. It's you don't want. Over the turning spent much of party in court fighting to get back documents in recordings seized in an FBI raid this week agents searched co with home. Office hotel room in safety deposit box he's always think they raided your office in. Propel investigators are looking for possible secret deals meet outside the campaign to protect or intimidate rob and whether those deals could constitute an illegal campaign contribution. There's been no finding of wrongdoing against Michael Cohen either the president has maintained that there's been no collusion with Russian. Gore's lawyers argued they should disarm which items are protected by attorney client privilege. And what should be handed over to investigators but prosecutors say they have their own team to decide what's privileged forty now Cohen has been under investigation for months. The new developments come as Covert continues to battle stormy Daniels in court. You don't don't store is suing to speak out. Cohen paid her 130000. Dollars were for the 26 election. To keep quiet about an alleged 2006 appear were trop overnight court by the petition asking the judge to temporarily delay the civil case. During the criminal investigation. Stormy Dale's attorney says he intends to fight that request from Cohen. As for Cohen's criminal case it's back in court Monday federal prosecutors say they won't review any of the materials seized in that raid. Until the judge rules than a Paula so many moving parts and all of these stories thank you Kenneth.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Michael Cohen fights back in court trying to retrieve documents that were seized.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54466256","title":"Trump's personal lawyer goes to court after FBI raid","url":"/GMA/News/video/trumps-personal-lawyer-court-fbi-raid-54466256"}