Woman found alive 7 days after her car plunged off cliff

Two campers saved the life of Angela Hernandez, 23, after she went missing for a week in Big Sur, California.
2:46 | 07/16/18

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Transcript for Woman found alive 7 days after her car plunged off cliff
Now we turn to that Ible, incredible survival story. A you wom found alive seven days afterher car plunged hundreds of feet off a in California. Gio Benitez is here and shot creative using her car' radi hose to help her ive. Ors right. Using that hoseo dnk fresh water. Other than that nothing to eat Reven days. And the people whond her happened to be walking near the WER taking a long way back their campsite and instantly become H morning, two quick think mpers saving the life of a 23-year-old woman after she went missinor week in big sur, lirnia. We found her car about a mil north thecampground and it lo pretty new but it was Ruan destroye We just walkedround the rocks and it was like ad sale of car part Repr: Angela Hernandez was driving hhway 1 when she lost control of her jeep and plummeted to bottom of a foot CL The vehicle and the fe E going T be out 200 feet down. Shis conscious and breathing. Reporter: Rescue couldn't find her.she detled her daily struggle tove from her Facebook hospital I hospil writing I'dlimb Ono avoid the sharp sand, walking the shore to avoid the hot rocks. About tee days had passednd the back O my jeans were torn art. My socks were nothing but holes and I could start feeling the effect of dehydration. Thatn S she H what sounded like amiracle. Fresh water dripping from rock. Using part of radiator hose as improvised canteen she says sheack to that rock every day to get fresh water. She didn'te the strength orhe energy and frankly just the actions sheas in would have never havee it up at cliff so she wasn't even ab T attempt that. Reporter: B she remained missing until four days later when toores spotted her near their cate. We ran up to her. She said she wrecker car and we were like the white jeep and she's like yeah.ke, oh, my gosh. You're alive. You're in piece. I couldn't Bel it and we immediately realized she needed help.e looked pretty bt up. Repor her sister re rejoicg. You helped us through the ole thingndngela is gng be okay. I'm so happy.orter: Good this morning. Anla's family S she's recovering in the hospital right no they describe her injuries as more than shoulder fracture. She's in se but guarded condition but, yknow it could be days before doctors knhe B released from that hospital. Oh, M, that couple were going to go sngut instead went campingt'sow they ran into her. Amiracle. It is. Justamg. So glad it's a happy ending. Thankou so much, To the new show getting buzzand a lot backlash.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Two campers saved the life of Angela Hernandez, 23, after she went missing for a week in Big Sur, California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56615017","title":"Woman found alive 7 days after her car plunged off cliff","url":"/GMA/News/video/woman-found-alive-days-car-plunged-off-cliff-56615017"}