Keep cozy at home with these Deals & Steals from Tory Johnson

Fun blankets, comfy sweatpants, edible cookie dough and more.
5:15 | 10/29/19

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Transcript for Keep cozy at home with these Deals & Steals from Tory Johnson
and steals and the one and only Tory Johnson is here to give us deals on items that will keep you cozy at home. We partners with these companies to bring you incredible savings. Tory, let's get to it. What's up first? First I have my two super models here. Step out in front. Do the move. These are feejays. They're sweat pants with feet built in. Oh, yeah. They're fleece-lined feet. Look how super soft these feet They're awesome. You almost went down. It was created by a surfer who wanted the comfort of sweat pants and the coziness of being able to put his feet in them. Now he made them for men, women and kids. You could take the feet out if you needed. But why? They're fleeced-lined, so don't. 30 to $40 regularly. Today slashed in half 15 to $20. 50% off. This company was created by two best friends who said if we could turn a hug into a product what would it be? It's a blankie-gram. You can pick that up. There's all sorts of messages on them about hugs and warmth and making people feel really good and optimism. I love this. The idea is that if you sent that to somebody, your friend could feel like you were giving them a hug. Isn't that sweet? Very sweet. What's the deal? Normally $35. Today slashed in half $17.50. $17.50 for a hug, priceless. This is another cool company. It's called the headache hat. This is the best. Put that into the freezer. Keep it in the freezer overnight. It looks very fashionable too. It is very fashionable. Built-in ice packs. This one fell down. It's got built-in ice packs. You feel how cold it is. For some people who suffer from migraines and headaches it's that cooling therapy that brings some relief. How does that feel? Me and Sara are so into it. It's amazing. By the time we finish you two will be unrecognizable. Normally $40. Today it's 20 bucks. That's worth it. Michael, you would love this. You can also use it on the shoulder, different body parts. Depending where you need cooling therapy. I would try now, but I don't want to mess up my hair. Speaking of hair -- perfect lead-in. Hair blowers, curling ironers, straighteners, this detangling brush called the unbrush. It's so good for detangling. All these products are great by fhi. Normally 15 to $300. Depending on what you choose. Today everything is slashed in half, $7.50 to $150 and -- Free shipping. That's right. So my domestic darling over here is going to -- This is my product. It's called a broom, Michael. Not just any broom. He might not recognize it. He told me he has been sweeping since the '70s. I'm a single man. I've been sweeping since you were in diapers. If you believe that -- With one swipe all the cheerios go right into there. As opposed to having to bend down to hold the dust pan and then -- You struggle. Yes. Your foot holds the dust pan down and there's no struggling. It's genius. This was on "Shark tank." Normally $40. Today the wisp is slashed in half. It's 20 bucks. Since you did all this work for us, this very cool company is edoughable. It's edible cookie dough. You don't back it. Sara we got the break up kit. The blanket, the cooling pack and the sweets. The break up kit. That's right. Or it's called Sara's weekend. Here's what's cool about this, there's a nondairy option. There's a DIY kit or you get the four flavors already done. It's created by a mom. She's a chef and she wanted her kids to be able to have that delicious gourmet dough. You don't bake it. Inside there's a spoon and it says want a spoon. I like that. Dig in. Normally 49 to $55. What's the deal? Slashed in half starting at $24.50. Everything is about comfort, convenience. Comfort and home. This might be the best thing you ever brought us. It feels so amazing. It's only been two minutes. I hope it feels good. It's life changing. We don't want to send you home empty handed. You're call going home with products from blankie-grams, feejays, wisp and headache caps. For any of these deals go to

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"Fun blankets, comfy sweatpants, edible cookie dough and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66612759","title":"Keep cozy at home with these Deals & Steals from Tory Johnson","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/cozy-home-deals-steals-tory-johnson-66612759"}