Will Dan Levy and Annie Murphy return to 'Schitt's Creek'?

The stars of Sara's favorite show talk about meeting Nicole Kidman, a future revival and more.
11:55 | 01/17/20

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Transcript for Will Dan Levy and Annie Murphy return to 'Schitt's Creek'?
No other. All time and sadly we can't say the name because. Where we work. Com this is daytime and their title is too that he completely happy Candice I made up. And their final season premiered last week people on. An election now I'm taking the car this morning whom he met Wednesday had its head he and Alexis are about to engage in cyber sex. And. I tend history that says let's have a ton to about ditching anybody on the Internet that Iraq never without proper. I didn't get out. Quick and in like eight data is. The case for weeks I miss the drugs you are not engaging with them everybody out we didn't and talk with Ted. By clean yeah. He and his co star anywhere he. No Afghan hello. Hello and is very not daytime. First the brilliant comedy that EA is. I know that Michael just told me literally when he walking com. Like he always looking to play more. Quietly someone rite of passage and not is this show and these people still live. Can't get over yeah Tom. I don't have tested the amnesty any heat shield. Displays. Honorary I I love him forever I've talked about the show it's absolutely brilliant but I clearly not the only canned because I heard. That I mean a great company of Nicole Kidman who yeah but there. Now they're gonna get little. Are all learning. I mean this is a group of people that did not see that moment coming in the not in the least snow. I mean we don't work I mean word. We're just happy to be anywhere suddenly we look up and Nicole Kidman is talking to Catherine. About Paris yeah we were all like. Comic looking around looking around Jeremy strong and who and then all this has meant that traditionally stewards lives yes did you thank you time in Texas and this. Cool. Presents. Slides up on our left and all must elect honest and what is an of course it's. A statue US goddess like Nicole Kidman and all of us immediately all of the blood left are Bob. And she starts talking to Catherine about the show and she hasn't noticed that were role there is well right so obviously then how a player like. Seven. She left over anyway it would. You can tell from our faces in that picture we did not play it cool we were not okay no. Still are not adding she just kept saying nice things and I just kept going now Hugh. I was just know you did anything good your singing to me. I say to you twice as much well yeah we get we get to for the interactive. You guys really are great friends and yeah further on or off so let's go to wouldn't vacationed together only yeah. So it was the last season of our show and we finished taping our show and it was very saddened we cried a lot neither side. You usually when you wrap something like that you buy gifts for your casting crew and my thought what a great wrap gift. Instead of getting them like I don't passions are who have. Here are pretty high end I thought why not get a place in Italy have all of us blown. Save then Adam Rapp had. Okay. To build memories and have a switcher that you're never gonna Wear our patent for a yeah. Money so I would Wear. They showed him with your day and he Lindy I. And. The detective that get neighbors would so that you putting into the shell plot and know what's the most recent bed yet he's speaking of gifts. So my guy and got my dad let me just for a visit by saying he believes the gift should be a surprise a few opening get you should not know what is included. Like Christmas like gift lists and things he's like one not gonna buy you anything on this let's do you do know what it is. So I just not on you want but it'll nothing I want to be I don't. My first home I don't there's a big Internet thank you think that yeah. And it is completely empty and I said to my parents I don't need gifts but if you are going to entertain getting a gift this holiday season this is in December. Anything for the house like a gift certificate to Home Depot you need something that will improve the space and make it feel at home. It's like at this box they open it and my dad decided that the one thing I needed. It was a quad that grill industrial strength waffle iron. Look how happy yeah. You. Sue him to live that. I think models for like six it makes people they're like for wobbles at a time you'd have to like poor the batter on with like a whole. What it is now we need to like make waffles he and we may. And SS SSK. Beginning bid gives to oh I would. Okay. News. Okay. Yeah. Out its heavy is the wild America. Guy and so welcome I'm Italian mobile the wet I am is that. Open invitations create edit your moment LA for a little bit punk right. Yet to go to LA. Human Unita house warming give you don't want to be filled and get a clue. He's. We've had dual while volume. Realize I don't think I'm not sharing any of this. Waffles to the big party here. They make it before we talk I was just talking with the Indian commercial and in need an unfortunate topic but it needs to be asked near in the last season. Yes and you guys a party shocked the last episode. Yes I'm really emotional and I'm only an episode to rate now of their last season how was that. Shooting that and saying goodbye to this beat this time the. Well. Any throughout the entire last season managed to keep it together she did not I was writing it I was shown to did not shed a tear in my Irene Wilde. Would cry at the drop the hat. Someone to be like well it's the last time your picking up that mug me good. Still I have been amassed the entire season home where in the last episode we're getting ready to shoot. The last scene ands. Cut tune she is now couldn't get. Through the rehearsal obvious. And then give Aaron black hearse this yeah just that I just rack and to the point that in the last scene of the show I'm very worried that. It's going to be ages day and a night grow as Dan and I am not in character but just need an annual. They can't look at what is I. Just cut the last episode of our show and I can tell you will not be able to tell all. Oh yeah. And I think it's a moment when their unemotional only today anime that started this together and ending in yes the funny little thing. I mean I can't give too much away but there is a moment toward the end of our show where we have a little. Exchange. Ands it was a moment that I rode into the into the episode. Two represented not just our characters having a moment but let us this creators having a moment and I don't want to tell you where or when but I hope that when it happens to you might. Remember me saying that's. It's very deep and Ernie think you know we we've managed to come through this whole experience. Still intact yet we are not estranged and my family is try never. So you know I'm really proud of I'm proud of what we did together and I'm glad that we had those six years sort of immortalized on TV it was a new home. Or. Creating writing acting and never have what you guys have on the show like this is really wants nighttime and I it's quoted before. I'm a big mean girls fan as well I say twenty years from now people will still be showing up in costume. I went to their show in Brooklyn it's a sold out up close and personal to Wear it because the big fans that you can see right here are rabbit. People dressed. Not as these characters from different episodes so I see now this is iconic it will be one of a kind. But he's promise us there's a chance that we could revisit this in a special in. You know everyone is reinventing everything that once was before. I keep sending Dan gift baskets and. Get this waffle iron and about the. No. I mean I loved working with these people we have such a Stanley we've such as close knit team it's the idea is right if the if something works the night get them. You know that the inkling to to write something again obviously I would love to keep him covered and. In the immediate future now facility in Dina. Woody that you're gonna do next to practice arguing your dad you hosted elegant. Entered the UK if you give you two want you got me into and out. And glad he did Levy. Nice. Maggie now so it's up to the muggy night that's all along Vernon Glenn if you're injured in a work exactly. We'll happily because of the admit yeah. Do you have a good about it. You didn't get it could go home. The show together you know that that would definitely make for interesting TV. For sure. You know I think it would of course becoming do you that of course we'd sit here I mean the great thing as. Did the team at Ellen with so sort of group. In terms of getting you win there in getting U verse it was a really interesting experience because we we got there at ten and by 230 year three we were done today yes and we hosted an hour of Tel yeah Michigan's if he needed. I realized at the end of that you want more leg we have so much fun it. It's going to be bringing his ex. You can catch the thing that the final season. Look. Okay.

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{"duration":"11:55","description":"The stars of Sara's favorite show talk about meeting Nicole Kidman, a future revival and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68355653","title":"Will Dan Levy and Annie Murphy return to 'Schitt's Creek'?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/dan-levy-annie-murphy-return-schitts-creek-68355653"}