You Gotta See This: The high school student who discovered a new planet

Wolf Cukier made an amazing discovery while interning at NASA.
2:58 | 01/09/20

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Transcript for You Gotta See This: The high school student who discovered a new planet
Our next guest is a high school student from Scarsdale, New York who made a rare discovery while doing an internship at nasa. Here to tell us all about what he found is wolf cukier. This is so cool. Welcome. Welcome. This is cool, but the name wolf is even cooler. That's what I was talking about. Thank you. Tell us, what is left to discover? What I discovered was a planet, so -- You just discovered a planet? What is interesting about this planet in particular is that there's two stars which it orbits. So if you think to "Star wars" Luke's home planet and you remember that double sunset -- Now I'm understanding. It's a planet like that with two stars. Now the crazy thing is he discovered this planet only on his third day as an intern, but how did you know you found a new planet? Because most people would assume we pretty much know as much as we're going to know at this point. All these years, and you found a new planet. I was part of a group at nasa space flight center looking for planets such as these, and I would like to thank them for this opportunity. But the idea is that we have a telescope that happened to be pointing at these stars, and the planet passed between those stars and our telescope. Just like when the moon eclipses the sun, it creates a dimming of light from those stars. What we did, is I noticed that dimming and that was evidence that something was there and it happened to be a planet. Wow. That's amazing. I have to ask you, you know, because people have been looking at the stars and looking at the planets for years. Was it because of the fact that it was hiding that none else had found it up until this point? It's just new telescope data. So almost all the previous planets we discovered were from just a point of sky basically the size of your hand. So this is a new telescope, the test telescope that was searching the skies and this data is just new, and we're looking if through it now. Better technology. Better technology, more things. Have we named this planet? It doesn't have an interesting name, just toi-1338-b. It sounds like a student at a big university. Toi? 1338-b. Does it get a better name? Like bam. I found you. My family wishes. He said, my family wishes. Should have named it cukier. My family's idea is wolftopia. I like that. We want to make sure you continue to make these discoveries because it gives us a better understanding of how everything works, so we have a gift card here for you for a brand-new telescope.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Wolf Cukier made an amazing discovery while interning at NASA.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68172624","title":"You Gotta See This: The high school student who discovered a new planet","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/gotta-high-school-student-discovered-planet-68172624"}