Medal of Honor recipients Matthew Williams and Ronald Shurer II

The two men talk about what it was like to get that call from the president of the United States.
5:27 | 11/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Medal of Honor recipients Matthew Williams and Ronald Shurer II
It's veterans day and he really want to honor to a special man with us today who have received the highest and most prestigious military award the medal of honor take a look at their story. In April of 2000 eat the US army was engaged in a battle in the mountains of Afghanistan. Pinned down by heavy fire with their fellow soldiers sustaining serious injuries Sargent Matthew Williams and medical sergeant run insurer sprang into action. Exposing himself to enemy fire sergeant Williams provided first aid while evacuating injured soldiers. He was able to lead an hours long counter attack keeping insurgents away from the wounded until a helicopter could evacuate them. Meanwhile for fighting a half hours into a hail of bullets surging share. The enemy at bay while treating and stabilizing the wounded and bringing him back to seek to. All survived under his care. Thanks to these two heroes not a single American life was lost during this hellish ordeal both men who received the medal of honor for their incredible acts of bravery. And. Both for being here thank you both for your service and India are good to -- military families or did. As well at it and the bravery that you've got displayed unbelievable I want. When asked you know what what kept you going would help you in your team get out that day. Well first off thanks for having us here today like where you know helping us and honor all veterans. You know I would say for May mean the big thing is is it was a team you know. OTA operational detachment alpha 3336. We were. You know a tight knit group we we all knew each other we don't trust each other and still no matter what happened clear and don't leave anybody. Behind. They exactly that we you know best what's fresh forces already entertained viewer which rated BA team in and we trust one another and and really rely on each other. And been so in the worst of times you know we're relied in training unit and trust and in the brotherhood they built in and out how to do you through. Cleaning -- tough situation and that's really what our team was able do that day come together to ensure that everyone got home. Alive we'll outside of combat because they know there he spent a lot of time together what did you base due to wind down were have fun when you weren't working. Yeah I mean. It we could think hey you know. Him and I actually got big and it crossed in and and all have several guys good team is found that as a way to build more camaraderie and hang out together. You know there's an occasional poker nighter video games and whatever movies we could finder for download of the time which took awhile as long time. I feel so reliant on people around you just know that they have your back you know not. It's it's a great example for people to just sort of be that person for the people around and then vice Versa. And what was that like to get the call from the president that you read in the medal of honor and you would do everything and dreamt of something like that. I didn't know at no point edge what I've never considered matters are thought about that fishing. You know being Sherman who show but military economic ten years and spent so for me instead of actually getting a phone call from the president. B&B now on the Secret Service. The Secret Service and Steve military kind of worked out a ruse. To have me in my life show but the White House. And the Kano workers at the White House a little bit and then we showed up in the Oval Office the president was there to. I tell me in person that's a surprise I. Oh yeah. And we're. Quite honest and spectacular. But I yeah. No I was actually at home I just got in California on a training exercise. And and the army has a very. Interesting convoluted way of saying these things up a got several cryptic phone calls. To collect three or four that day to make shows available at this various civic time and Dallas. Qaeda and I've had no idea was happening. Expected to call much. And my wife Kate is actually notice was was in our garage working out. And Alison don't raised in LA say police over the president and I was like. You have shops. Melanie I have yeah. Kimberly. David asked my credit card number in. Thank god get going. And I knew Tex serves it can be that chuck who intend to she's. Very into working out so she can it blew me off for a little while. And finally she got in there about the time depends closing up in any stock deals feel about the Belmont and what it means and how my war is being upgraded. It was closing with the other looks forward to seeing union chairman the White House unless it was very spectacular in. In my wife extreme emotional and then and then Ike operated by questions about what I'd done. So patently tool in the about it. That's something this fall. So when you think in bristle honored to have you guys who can vote.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"The two men talk about what it was like to get that call from the president of the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66916187","title":"Medal of Honor recipients Matthew Williams and Ronald Shurer II","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/medal-honor-recipients-matthew-williams-ronald-shurer-ii-66916187"}