Is Tom Hanks nicer than Mr. Rogers?

Matthew Rhys compares his "A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood" co-star to the real-life person he plays.
6:42 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for Is Tom Hanks nicer than Mr. Rogers?
Well, hello there neighbors. You may have noticed our neighborhood is looking more beautiful today. One of the stars from the new Mr. Rogers movie is here. You know him from his award winning role on "The Americans." You've love him in his new role in "Beautiful day in the neighborhood." Take a look. This piece is about heros. Do you consider yourself a hero? I don't consider myself a hero, not at all. What about Mr. Rogers, is he the hero? I don't understand the question. There's you, Fred, and then there's a character you play, Mr. Rogers? You said there was a plate at the plate. Is that what happened to you? I'm here to interview you. Please welcome the very talented Matthew Rhys. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor would you be mine, could you be mine it's a neighborly day in this neighborhood You look fabulous. Thank you. You all look incredible. Finally Michael is not alone here. You're also a scorpio and you just had a birthday. I did. Happy belated. Two virgos and two scorpios. It's even. Let the competition begin. We loved you in "The Americans" where you met Keri Russell. I did. You two have a son together named Sam. She described you as a macgyver boyscout of fathers. What does that mean? Every parent knows when you're out and this is broken or you don't have that. I try to be as imaginable as I can to find other things for other things I forgot. I had to Google macgyver because I thought it was a rude word. I'm like I sorry I forgot the wipes. I don't know who macgyver is. He's my friend. I played his father. I'm like I'm not old enough to be your father. When that happens, you're like now I'm the dad. To the teenager. Yeah. Now you get to work with the legendary Tom Hanks. In the clip you're asking him who is Fred Rogers, who are you when you're not on -- Yes. We know the real Tom Hanks is the nicest man. Who is nicer, Tom Hanks or Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers? Pretty much the same. The difference is a cardigan, that's it. Really that's it. It's like you had America's dad playing America's dad. The casting couldn't have been better. Hanks and Mr. Rogers, the names Hanks and Rodgers elicit the same sound from people. When you say I did a Mr. Rogers movie, people go ah. When they say who played Mr. Rogers and I go Tom Hanks and they go ah. It's the same noise. Mr. Rogers is having a big moment, a well-deserved moment. In a Pittsburgh hospital the newborns were all dressed up as Mr. Rogers. Did you see this? I did. This was in honor of world kindness days. There's a picture at the end where Mrs. Rogers made an appearance. She did. Joann Rogers. She went to visit as a result. Isn't that the cutest? Anything that pushes the legacy of Mr. Rogers of spreading kindness is always to be encouraged. Yeah. I used to always wonder why he came into the house and changed clothes. He took off his sweater to put on a sweater. He took off shoes and put on shoes. I just did it. I got to say, this is fantastic. Don't you feel more comfortable? I feel more comfortable. I feel alive. You look more comfortable. A lot of what we found out what he did was to put children at ease and to make them feel comfortable. To my shame, when the script came through, I said to Keri who is Fred Rogers. She said get out of this house. I was like is it Aaron Rodgers' dad? I can't tell you how excited I was that there was a Mr. Rogers movie coming out and Tom Hanks would be playing him because I watched it every day as a kid. It brought back so much joy for me. I was going to ask if it brought back memories for you, but this is a whole new thing for you. Mr. Rogers is in my house because Sam is watching Daniel tiger. Keri is like that is Mr. Rogers. It's the next incarnation. Then I watched him on YouTube. I don't understand what's going does he only have one camera? Why is he talking so slow? Then you realize the show isn't for adults. Everything was so deliberate so children would feel safe with him. We need more programming like that. Agreed. Quick order of business. Password to paradise's word today is -- beach. There we go. Got to get that out of the way. This is cool. Now you fully grasp the miracle of the angel. Sam became my Guinea pig as it were. I put him in front of the original show. He's a bundle of energy. It's like 30 minutes of meditation. He just calms down. One of the first things he said is he's talking to me. He's talking to me. His timing was so meticulous and children thought they were being listened to. We appreciate you talking to us. Thank you for having me. Congratulations on the movie. I cannot wait to see it. Check out "A beautiful day in the neighborhood" when it hits theaters this Friday. Matthew Rhys everybody.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"Matthew Rhys compares his \"A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood\" co-star to the real-life person he plays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67109728","title":"Is Tom Hanks nicer than Mr. Rogers?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/tom-hanks-nicer-mr-rogers-67109728"}