The Keith Urban song that made Nicole Kidman blush

The country superstar also discusses his daughters, tattoos, his bucket list and more with Michael and Sara.
5:27 | 08/16/19

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Transcript for The Keith Urban song that made Nicole Kidman blush
Last week Keith urban killed it on stage at "Gma" concert series and we caught up with him after to chat about his new music, his new baby and Michael's new tattoo. Wait a minute, what? Take a look. Keith, thank you for joining us. Thank you, Michael. Thank you. Pleasure to see you. You won 2019 acm entertainer of the year. You grew up in Australia, growing up, I know you saw this coming? Sitting in the park talking with you. I mean, it's an amazing feeling and not something I expected. It blows you away when you don't expect it. There are times you think I might have a shot at this, you know, I didn't see that coming, either of them it was good. Your new single "We were," tell us about the video, you shot it in one take? We did a simple video where the studio where I work out sometimes, studio side by side. We should do one take video. How many takes to get the one take? Three. That's it. Yeah, three. We did three takes of it. We went with the third one. It takes us more than one take on our show. And you know, your daughters Sunday rose and faith Margaret they made their acting debut in "Angry birds 2." I'm just curious, are they going to follow in the family's You can see them in a scene of "Big little lies." In is season 2. I watched it all. Which scene? In one of the school rooms, the kids are sitting in a circle, the two girls are in there. That's amazing. You guys also expanded your family this year by one fur baby. Yeah, a dog. We have a little dog and nic has never had a dog before. She wanted one all her life, Yeah, yeah. It's crazy. I have dogs most of my life. German shepherds and Labradors. And everything. Dogs you can wrestle with. This is a toy poodle, so it's a transition for me. I love the tattoos. Seven tattoos? I don't know. I've got a few. Do you have a favorite? That's my favorite. No, they all tell different stories. Do you have any? I don't. I'm afraid of the needle. I don't like pain. Short-term pain, long-term gain. Said the defensive football -- Come on. That's insane. Is Nicole always your inspiration, do you consult her before you sing about her? She said sometimes she's your muse. There was a moment in "Gemini" a little line I won't repeat it about some feisty and do you like to surprise her, spring it on her? Or do you ask her in advance? I can't remember. I think we just wrote the song, and she ended up in like that. I mean, you know, I'm going to write about what I know and I know that. What inspires you, what music do you listen to? I listen to everything. Everything. Particularly new music and I have eclectic friends who listen to everything. All kinds of music and I shazam all the time. I'm the guy standing on the table, shazming the speaker. This is my issue with algorithms, if you like you'll also like. Well, that's going to keep on a feedback of the same music. You like Frank Sinatra you like Billy eilish, but I do. Who would you like to work with? Lot of times it just sort of happens, too, people I really admire. Post Malone is a guy I love. Two days ago I was on a shoot with Barry Gibb, recording, from the beegees. Are you ever in the moment going, oh, I can't believe I'm here right now? Most of the time, yeah. It's surreal. And it's an amazing gig, right? Yeah. It really is. And I love playing music. I've always loved playing music. He's in Texas. I'm from Iowa. Country makes sense. In Australia, is country big? It's big everywhere. It's all over the world. That's the thing that -- when I first moved to Nashville, and they were like, you're from Australia, yeah. It's everywhere. My parents listen to a lot of country. All through Europe. You got country fans. Of course, country is such a broad genre. Yeah. Encompassing so many styles within it. I think nowadays you can just say you're an artist. Yeah. Much more. Much more. And we appreciate you taking your time, man, and sharing your art with us. You're the man. Maybe I'll get a tattoo. That's not going to happen. Send me your tattoo guy stuff. Okay. Stick around, Michael will have a tattoo the next time you see him. Michael is absolutely not getting a tattoo. He's petrified of the pain, said the NFL hall of famer. But a big thanks to Keith urban. What a great guy. We had so much.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"The country superstar also discusses his daughters, tattoos, his bucket list and more with Michael and Sara.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65016437","title":"The Keith Urban song that made Nicole Kidman blush","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/keith-urban-song-made-nicole-kidman-blush-65016437"}