Master P has a crush on Ellen DeGeneres

Master P and Romeo discuss their father-son dynamic and celebrity crushes.
2:34 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Master P has a crush on Ellen DeGeneres
got a crush on Laura harrier, is that true? I want to ask you, master P, do you have a celebrity crush? Yes, I do. Who is it? You'll never guess. You'll never guess. And she's from New Orleans. She is? She's from New Orleans. She's your crush. Who the heck is from new Orleans? I don't know. I have no idea. Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen. Yes, yes. Hold on, what's going on here? Is unavailability a turn-on for you? Because I'm right here. No. He stole my seat. Let me tell why Ellen, I like -- she's from new Orleans. My crush was love at first sight when I first saw her in that spider-man movie, yeah. Oh, she's beautiful. I'm just sayin'. You weren't sitting in that movie like this? Where are you? We got to get the hook up. I got the hook-up. We got Zion about to sign with a shoe company. We got Ellen put on blast. We got Laura put on blast. And we got hook up 2 and you're in it. Yeah, we financed the film. Produced it. Starring in it. We need to be urban films, and our thing is, we made this movie because it's not too many people ownership, we're talking about owning products. We need to be owning movies. We make a lot of urban comedies. This is great for African-American and Latinos to be able to have something that we own. I urge everybody to go out and be a part of this. We said even if they don't give all of us that we should have, we're putting this on vod July 12th. This is a movement. This is a movement. Like I was saying, this is bigger than a movement. We gave out speaking roles, we're giving out opportunities to people who may not get those jobs. World record -- Most speaking roles in a theatrical movie. Continue to make history. I'll see you around. Next up, makeup by Mario dedivanovic is here.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Master P and Romeo discuss their father-son dynamic and celebrity crushes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63764336","title":"Master P has a crush on Ellen DeGeneres","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/master-crush-ellen-degeneres-63764336"}