Etsy reveals its top wedding trends of 2018

Trend expert Dayna Isom Jonson breaks down some of the hottest wedding trends of the year, including embroidered dresses, statement veils and more, live on "GMA."
4:27 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for Etsy reveals its top wedding trends of 2018
A lot of right here in the body and yeah. Okay. Top trends for Tony did so let's start with in ruin the audience is engaged. The latest back here and already married. Okay. You have your dress is yet. Com I'm do some good looks is. Hey let's. Okay. Okay. Hearing it first we are announcing our top 2018 wedding trends today so let's get to start with embroidery -- Jamie here so we've seen color before but now we're seeing it more with a special in in the deet tails and the threading so you'll see metallic threading. More splashes of color but an elevated weigh very beautiful I like that. I'm this right here is that right not an additional mail right so I saw that in your wedding picture you had on a traditionally male married and additional gorgeous book and now it's about statement veils they'll get back out. So great it here has only an elaborate statement bail it's like a secret garden come to life it's back crowning glory what's great about this bail is that when you get close you get to see little hidden treasures like beating bees and butterflies. Really gorgeous and a lot of brides I imagine can do that themselves but they. Added touch their hats and has this is definitely not the traditional look but very beautiful okay in the jumpsuit a dry air. I Camaro has on this amazing jumpsuit which I really liked because it's edgy. It's comfortable and it's a great reception option as well then we topped it with this outstanding cape all of these looks a by Rebecca Schoenfeld. And what I love about the case is that it adds a little bit of coverage so if you want to add coverage but it gets. All the drama would all the drama yeah. But Connor last year I just learn as I didn't know that's how color was millennial peak I don't really even know what that is. But yeah. Not being a millennium. Living there's a new color this year bright summer I think it's still here. But we're seeing it matched with bold jewel tones so we've we've added some cranberries some rich colors which you can also see it with staff buyers it's really about bringing that color to life with. Bolder colors because. What exactly so you can bring that to life indicate would give sugar flowers here which is Kelsey cakes amazing. Or you can add it in different. With even within the I was gonna say or even like the world the rose wind matches might want this is actually customize so that's great about working with small sellers and designers is that you can get a custom with your name. Your wedding date it's great for gifts for your bridal party or to serve its your reception okay. Seller I want you think outside the guest book though think outside the book. So if you are still a traditional type of bride you can still do it guest book but. Personalize it customize it with dates with quotes how ever you like. And if you won a gold. Even further in the creative realm we've actually seen a spike of 53%. Increase on it seems that people searching alternative guest book. So what an alternative yeah. Back yeah. So you can either have it in a guest book like this it should be and frame it's with a thumb pointed very creative. More or you can do it throughout gains love bits yes what about. Puppies yeah get to come yes son. After months of your life including your heart Amy. Yes so we have the Rosie the flower girl and her flowered collar roots yet about Barkin bloom and also summit wearing an I loved her first days are invited you know you guys are not leaving empty handed we got a gift for you look. Come on out grades to beat. And much more or. OK. My mind went beyond this.

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{"id":53727479,"title":"Etsy reveals its top wedding trends of 2018","duration":"4:27","description":"Trend expert Dayna Isom Jonson breaks down some of the hottest wedding trends of the year, including embroidered dresses, statement veils and more, live on \"GMA.\" ","url":"/GMA/Style/video/etsy-reveals-top-wedding-trends-2018-53727479","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}