How to utilize the same dress for different styles

These styles are appropriate for all types of occasions.
2:56 | 01/04/20

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Transcript for How to utilize the same dress for different styles
We are back now with fabulous fashion so we know that this is a very busy dating weekend and whether you're heading to a date straight from the office or getting all glammed up for a cocktail, you can rock the same little black dress so here to show us how to style one little black dress five different ways, "Gma" style contributor, Jessica Mulroney. Hello. Jess, welcome. Thank you for being here. Thank you. So the best part about this is this dress is 20 bucks. It's $20 and you know what they say, a little black dress goes a long way. Yes. You'll show us how to make it go five long ways. Five long ways. Any kind of date that you want to go on, there is a way to style this dress. Okay. So let's start with if you're starting at the office and then heading to a date, what can we do? This is a great way. All you have to do is throw a blazer on top of it. Belt it, put a little scarf, a great pair of heels, and if you're going to a date straight after, you can take the belt off, you can keep the blazer on, you can kind of do whatever you like but a great appropriate look for the office. Okay. Right from the office to a date. Okay, so what if you're getting ready for a traditional date. You're going right out. Tell us how to style it. This is a great like brunch date, so if you're going out for a great weekend, you know, a cup of coffee, whatever it is, I just threw a great denim shirt on top of it. I did a little tie and a pair of combat boots, comfortable, easy, it's great for daytime. And very cute. Thank you. What about just a casual weekend out and about running errands hanging out. Yeah, if you're going to, let's say, the park, walking your dog on a date, just throw a big heavy knit on top of the black dress, pair it with a great sneak, and you're good to go. You know, knits are so in right now so, if you just throw it on on top, it looks like a little skirt. And the sneakers, I love that. Love and very comfortable. Okay, so next look, tell us what we can do. So this is for a traditional date night, so what I did was actually found -- because there is a high slit in the skirt, I wanted to look more modest so put a skirt on top of the dress and belted it to make it a completely different look. Great pair of heels. She's ready to go out for dinner and she's going to slay. This is great because not only is it a dress, but you made it basically a top with that skirt too. Exactly. Totally transformed the look. Yeah, fabulous, and our last look, tell us what's going on here. This is the traditional going out to the bar and having a drink on a date, so I did a great pair of booties, and I let the dress shine because it is quite sexy, and I just threw a little Moto jacket on top. You know what, I think it works. This is great and all of them are and so easy to do. Doesn't Ta too much and 20 bucks. $20, five ways. Five ways, love it. Jessica, thanks so much. Appreciate it. Thanks so much.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"These styles are appropriate for all types of occasions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68066988","title":"How to utilize the same dress for different styles","url":"/GMA/Style/video/utilize-dress-styles-68066988"}