Zoom-friendly work-from-home looks for men

Fashion expert Melissa Garcia shares what athleisure pieces are in for men right now that are both comfortable and appropriate for work.
6:46 | 07/13/20

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Transcript for Zoom-friendly work-from-home looks for men
We've been looking forward to this segment all morning long, the fashion show unlike any we've seen on "Gma" before. We are mixing it up this morning, last week we showed you the latest work from home fashion for women, athleisure wear with a twist and now it's time for the men and turning to T.J. Who is always fashion forward. Looking fresh, my man. Me and our executive producer kind of threw a fit because the women got a chance to see the stuff they could wear but what about the guys? Right? This is what I prefer to have been wearing the entire broadcast so far but that wasn't necessarily an option but I can do it now. Everybody has been working from home. Put the shirt on up top but who knows what's going on down below, fellas, we're here to save the day and tell you have options too. For men -- I can't believe Kathy there did this to me. Reporter: Once a breakup outfit. Come on, man, just take the sweats off, okay? Just take them off. Reporter: Now a fashion statement. Athleisure wear for guys comes down to three thing, the fit, style and comfort. In my mind if you get those three things right you have a great out fit. Reporter: The global market going to rise 9% outpacing the footwear market. I can go straight out the door because we're styling. Reporter: Brands expanding on their lounge wear line for men giving them a chic clean look. Nice pair of joggers and simple yet Palo altoished with a lux material type t-shirt. Maybe we can't rock our sweats like rocky. hey, you can try. All right, so we took a poll and by the way, this is called a shorts sweatsuit, guys and this thing works for you. If you're at home but we took a poll and asked guys, what are you wearing mostly at home? 38% say workout clothes but look at that. Maybe no surprise to some, half of the fellas say I just wear whatever is clean. Oh, my gosh. Can't argue with that. Not surprising actually. Let's bring in fashion expert Melissa Garcia, so what do you make of those results? Yes, so I love that and honestly not surprised because if you think about it for guys, they kind of have a uniform. It's either a suit or a button down and jeans or slack. We have looks for everyone. We saw T.J. Earlier in the show and have a shot of what he looks like and there he is before and the after. What he could wear on a video call with colleagues so, T.J., why don't you model that while Melissa tells us what you're wearing. I want to see some spin. This is the model. What are you talking about? I love it. You look great. As you know, sweats are a great option for working from home but you don't want to look like you're wearing pajamas. I love a matching set. It looks pulled together. Polished. You can't mess it up. It's so easy to do and comfortable. You'll be comfortable all day. This set that T.J. Is wearing is from boohoo and it's under $40. I'm uncomfortable. He's enjoyed the tufted couch a little too much. We want to talk about other our looks as well. A look for a co-worker meeting. Our "Gma" staffers joining the mix here doing some modeling for us starting with Kieran, if you could walk us through his look. There we go. Looking food. Yeah, yes, so this is another take on a matching set. This is your track suit which is definitely a little more sporty than T.J.'s sweatsuit outfit but, again, it's easy, it's put together. Looks polished and intentional. You can break this one up too so there's a little more versatility. You can wear the top, the jacket just with a different pair of pants, break up the bottom with a t-shirt. But, again, inherently easy to do and great for work from home. All right. That he a bold red there. We'll have something. What to wear when meeting with clients or someone outside of the company. We have Eric and tie-dye is really popular. I wouldn't have thought of tie-dye with men's wear but, wow, looking good, Eric. Eric can pull anything off. Tell us about it, Melissa. Eric could totally pull anything off but the truth is, tie-dye isn't just for the ladies. It's for men too. Here's some of my tips. To make it appropriate for working from home or any man you want to stick to just one color. When you add a lot of colors in your tie-dye it looks juvenile. A little more casual. When you stick with one color it makes it more elevated and pick a silhouette that's more structured. Here we have a great crew neck pullover lightweight with a tailored fit and paired it with a great pair of linen shorts. The shorts are from Abercrombie, soft and mushy. Great tie-dye top is from banana republic and another great work from home look. Looking good, Eric. I love it. Elegant tie-dye. I like that, whit. I'm into all of it. I got to put it together. I have the sweatpants from Costco with the draw strings stuck in the elastic. Other our co-workers and I understand Brad who is wearing something that works with when a sudden meeting comes up. There's Brad with the green on. At home and, boom, the zoom call is happening in 20 minutes you throw this on, tell us about it. Whit, that's right. So t-shirts are completely acceptable. I would say make sure they're not wrinkled. You want to have them pressed or at least look like they're flesh out of the dryer. A little wrinkled throe on a denim button down. It has structure and elevates your entire look. This is from express. The t-shirt here, you can use, of course, your basic white, gray, black but gave a fun pop of color from banana republic. About $14 then Brad just paired it with a pair of pants he currently owns so t-shirts definitely an acceptable option but if you want to dress it up in a pinch throw on a denim button down. Looking good, Brad. I love seeing our colleagues we haven't seen forever. Brad knows he looks good. He's feeling that green. He does. The fluorescent is bringing out the smile on his face. Also, by the way, T.J., I'm curious, are you going to stay in the sweats for the rest of the show. I'm just going to throw on the suit jacket and talk about that look next week. Sounds good. Melissa Garcia, thanks for giving our men some real options here. We appreciate it and, T.J., see

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"Fashion expert Melissa Garcia shares what athleisure pieces are in for men right now that are both comfortable and appropriate for work.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71747883","title":"Zoom-friendly work-from-home looks for men","url":"/GMA/Style/video/zoom-friendly-work-home-men-71747883"}