How to plan a safe summer road trip

As millions pack up to hit the road, check out these tips to safely social distance and control who you interact with while visiting some destinations.
3:22 | 07/28/20

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Transcript for How to plan a safe summer road trip
Tuesday morning and, robin, I know you have more from our "Gma" road trip series, something that Amy did early this summer. I call shotgun, shotgun. If we're going on the road, okay, all right. But it is time that we hit the road again and this morning, gio Benitez, he's the man. He's back with how to navigate your summer vacation during the pandemic. The best ways to map out your destinations and, gio, in central park getting some fresh air right now. Looking good, my man. Good morning. Reporter: Oh, robin, it is so nice to get the fresh air and so many want to get this fresh air right now. So many Americans are thinking about this. But before you head out on that road trip, there are some really important things you need to know and good for you right here on "Gma." We've got you covered. This summer millions of travelers are packing up the car and hitting the road in search of wide open spaces. They're picking the types of destinations that will allow them to get away from other people and into nature. Reporter: Like lord and her husband Brian. We rerouted and decided to embrace the uncertainty and road trip around our beautiful country. We felt like we could have a lot more control over the people we interacted with and the Reporter: And visiting five national parks along the way. Some of the parks re-opened so they've opened in phases so that was part of our planning. Two of the parks were going to require an advance reservation. Reporter: Pauline is editorial director of "Frommer's" and says plan something key. Go to a place that isn't spiking. Harvard university has an interactive map that will tell you county by county in the United States what the covid situation is. So you want to look at that before you do any planking. Reporter: You shouldn't just assume that national parks are going to be open and that campsites are going to be open. Not all trails may be open. Not all restaurants may be open, in fact, some national parks like yosemite is requiring advanced reservations. She recommends with the details on national parks and all trails to locate hiking trails and bike paths both inside and outside of the parks. And it's not all about the destination. Samantha tweeting "Gma" in search of fun and safe ways to find pit stops during her 13-hour drive. In terms of driving, I'd say go off the interstate if you can, go on the back roads so you can see real America and not just the highway. Reporter: As you go, make sure to pay attention to local mandates. Reporter: And when you're thinking about hotels, Frommer recommends that you should book directly with that hotel. At least for now. If you are using a third party site make sure you are looking at that cancellation policy. Just in case you change your mind and, remember, robin, we've been saying it time and again but so important, every state has different rules, so take a look at that. Hey, robin, let's go on that road trip. I'm in. I am in. I'm ready. But, hey, this is great. This is great info and tips,

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"As millions pack up to hit the road, check out these tips to safely social distance and control who you interact with while visiting some destinations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72025034","title":"How to plan a safe summer road trip","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/plan-safe-summer-road-trip-72025034"}