How to find a healthy relationship with your smartphone

Author Catherine Price advises to manage your apps, practice phone self-awareness and remove triggers that push you to your phone.
2:11 | 05/05/18

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Transcript for How to find a healthy relationship with your smartphone
Okay Tampa that we can download if you're anything like me there are probably time for you feel like the phone rules your life. It does not have to be that way though I recently spoke with Catherine price author of the new book. How to break up your phone. Catherine thank you very much for joining us to even if we don't have like a full. Full lawn itself on addiction we all have to have healthy relationships that are fun I realize that put my phone right here in the death. Yes her Papa so how do you do that. I mean the first step is to recognize you have a relationship with your phone to begin with and that right now that relationship has been defined by half and phone makers. And what they won its first to spend as much time on our phones about their apps as possible to war we say some of the big fixes are. The biggest is actually really simple but extremely powerful which is just to learn how to pay attention to your experience in the moment and ask yourself before during and after your phone. How do you feel you actually want to be doing this right now you're sucked into it Twitter poll are you look are you noticing that you're miserable as you're doing exactly and cultivate this moment to moment awareness of your own experience and to do data suggest creating gonna cost you bombs which are small obstacles that for serious slowdown in decide hey you wanna. Proceeds to for example. I created is lock screen images people can download from phone break up dot com the book's web site that say things like what do you wanna pay attention to you or do you really want to pick me up right now. So were some other ways to put this kind of consciousness into practice what one important way it's actually ask yourself when you wants to be paying attention to. If lot of times we start by just saying I wanna spend less time on my phone and that's kind of meaningless and feels restrictive so instead ask yourself a pay what ought to pay attention to save three and great. Why is your phone getting in the way of that safety check it too much before bed now you have a goalie and I want to use my promise before bed because I wanna spend more attention on reading. And to accomplish that you need to it should make triggers in your environment that. Reduce the likelihood that you'll check the phone before bed and increase the likelihood for the positive behavior that second part is what we often forget to deal. So yes get your fun and eager bedroom get a standalone alarm clock. But also make sure the actually put a book on your bedside table so that when you go to instinctively reach for the phone you encountered the book instead. Captain price your book is called how to break up of your phone had a break here and who want to hear much more of our conversation check out the 10% happier podcasts.

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{"id":54956383,"title":"How to find a healthy relationship with your smartphone","duration":"2:11","description":"Author Catherine Price advises to manage your apps, practice phone self-awareness and remove triggers that push you to your phone.","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/find-healthy-relationship-smartphone-54956383","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}