'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's shingles diagnosis

The CDC warns about super bugs that are resistant to almost all antibiotics, advising patients to take antibiotics exactly as directed and only when necessary.
2:36 | 04/07/18

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Transcript for 'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's shingles diagnosis
Can't look and later than alma and a shame how battle this morning. And this CDC is sharing some concerning information about so called super hot so big stories in the Health Department ABC's chief medical correspondent doctor. Gen action joins us from Boston for some perspective on both these stories. Get good morning first steps first a subtle of these super bugs the CDC says they has detected more than. 220 cases last year about nightmare bacteria that's resistant to almost all antibiotics hat how big a deal as this. It is a big deal but let's put it into some important medical and historical context here first almost people have heard of MRSA our MRSA. That's resistant staph that's a gram positive organisms there's a multi drug resistant tuberculosis. And now this latest one is called CRE bees are resistant types of E. Coli or Graham negatives and some other bacteria. These can be really bad actors. The good news if you will is that it's generally not an issue for a healthy person outside of a hospital where this becomes a problem is for the critically ill patients. In hospitalized settings with a lot of tubes and catheters. And what we don't have an arsenal to treat these bugs. You can get to a lot of trouble and so is there anything in particular that we can do to protect our companies and it really is an affect those who have compromised immune to yes and that's the silver lining there is number one we need to track these numbers which is what the CDC is doing for patients. It's so important not to take antibiotics unless it's absolutely necessary at six hate them properly. And then for medical professionals. Antibiotic. Antimicrobial stewardship is the key. We have to give the right antibiotic in the right way at the right time and it's estimated that up to half of antibiotics are not given properly to humans and animals. Let's move on to Lin Manuel Moran day he tweedy and his fans that he's been diagnosed with shingles he says yes he thought it was a migraine now he's. Quarantined from his eight week old son is is that necessary. It it is for an eight week old so a couple of fast facts on shingles number one super common one in three adults we'll get shingles this that we activation of the chicken pox virus. You can't get shingles. From shingles but you can get chicken pox from shingles so the good news here there's a new were. Very effective vaccine out that is up to 97%. Affected it is route meant it for people fifty and over. Even if you've had shingles. Even if you've gotten the older shingles vaccine. And it can be serious you guys if it infects the I it can cause blindness. That's very serious are right back trashed and thank you for. Winning from Boston this morning.

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{"id":54304156,"title":"'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's shingles diagnosis","duration":"2:36","description":"The CDC warns about super bugs that are resistant to almost all antibiotics, advising patients to take antibiotics exactly as directed and only when necessary.","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/hamilton-creator-lin-manuel-mirandas-shingles-diagnosis-54304156","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}