Step up your self-care by making walking part of your daily routine

ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton shares how upping her step count helped reduce stress.
4:16 | 07/15/20

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Transcript for Step up your self-care by making walking part of your daily routine
Are you ready to take the next step in your self care solution. It's just about walking it's about taking more steps it will help you feel better be healthier mediate and look better. It's easy just walk. The more steps challenge is just. Taking more steps there's no maximum there's no set goal that you need to reach its an improvement from where ever you are today. No where to go but up. So when you talk about counting steps he'll meet and hear. A whole bunch of different goals or minimums sometimes you'll hear 5000 steps today until your 101000 steps today. It's important to remember that those changes general guidelines general recommendation. For you if you're starting from. A couple of hundred steps today. Anything will be an improvement and even if you're someone who likes to go visit him like I am just taking more steps had. And impact of beneficial effect on your health and well being so it's really not. About getting to a certain number as much as it is the awareness of being more active. And getting into a challenger a competition with yourself. About taking more steps a goal of 5000 steps today or 101000 steps today. There really. In existence because the in car elated. With certain beneficial health outcomes to light significant weight loss board improvement in bone density or reduction in the risk of breast cancer. Or improved mood but that doesn't mean that you won't get those benefits if you take. 4500 steps today or he takes 7000 steps today because obviously with physical activity. More is better and anything is better than nothing so remembers when you're talking about step count her day doesn't all have to be at the scene time. And once you become aware. Of how many steps you're taking or not taking it becomes a lot easier to target this as an easy intervention to improve. Your mental help your physical health. Really happy. I think it for me the biggest benefit that I felt and I felt that almost immediately is an improvement in mood. And greater mental clarity I think that. It's so easy today with this stressful lives that we all lead to just. Really kind of have a difficult time. Sometimes focusing on what you need to do when now more than ever I think that. People are really looking for something that they can easily build into their day. That really can be done any time anywhere. Doesn't need any kind of fancy membership or equipment. And provides almost an immediate positive results and walking taking more steps definitely can do that. So here are some tips to get more steps and yesterday. Track those steps somehow some way whether to old fashion the odometer or your phone your wrists to buy aids. Somehow some way you need to see those numbers at the end of every day where the middle of every day it will help you stay accountable. Street got proper comfortable footwear this is not the time to try to get those steps in heels or work Hughes if you haven't had. That can be put on a leash. Get out there with your furry friend it will help both of you and plan ahead if you're going to walk to work. Or walking anywhere make sure you look at the clock and build your time to walk. Instead of ride into your day to sitting here not run lately and just that you had no excuse. Another good way to get your steps and taking stairs instead of the elevator. That works to. Parking farther distance from the entrance. Anything whether it's your job grocery store you name it it. Sometimes. Does require a little bit of creative thinking but if you do it you will get your steps that.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton shares how upping her step count helped reduce stress. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71776726","title":"Step up your self-care by making walking part of your daily routine ","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/step-care-making-walking-part-daily-routine-71776726"}