The unbelievable benefits of going ‘tech-free’ for 30 minutes a day

From a better night sleep to less stress, ABC Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton breaks down the benefits of less screen time.
6:23 | 08/05/20

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Transcript for The unbelievable benefits of going ‘tech-free’ for 30 minutes a day
Do you think you're addicted to your phone. True you'd be me is just reducing the use of screen time by thirty minutes today can help here mood can help your we can help your sleep. And can even help you be more productive. How much are we using our screen devices. A lot. And more than people think. In fact the average American is said to use technology or there screen over an average of five hours. Her day and a study done by apple shows that the average adult checks there. I phoned. More than eighty times in a day. Mindful tech challenge is about to eighteen stock and assessment. How you use technology. How it's affecting your life and how he would feel if you experimented with thirty days. Dialing it down to some degree. For most people the mere suggestion of completely giving up technologies. Is not really consistent with reality nor should be. It's not all bad or all good. Possible benefits that could come from a warm mindful use of technology. Where a slight reduction if you think you may be using your screen device too much. Is numerous it starts at the head and works its way all the way down the body greater time for other types of contemplation. A resting or recharging. Your neural circuitry. An opportunity to practice mindful meditation. Possibly less strain on your eyes less exposure to the blue flight that's emitted from various means and technology. And then more opportunity to give some nurturing. And some teal seats for the rest of your body remember when we're engaged in screen news. We are usually not engaged in vigorous physical activities so. Even reducing your use of technology by 153045. Minutes a day gives you an opportunity. To stretch to do some car radio to walk. To engage in social interaction that's based thesis that face to screen. So the benefits and possibilities. Are numerous they're going to depend on you and your particular situation. Thirty minutes of going tax free is it good place to start because it is a small. Manageable amount of time and it's and not a time experiment that can give you a real cleaver or. How difficult is it how easy is it and if you're finding it really challenging. And then that's probably a good indicator. That you're over using technology and that it's really controlling you rather than you controlling. We've seen many reports. In the recent years about the potential risks are down side to. Over use of technology and really it ranges from mood disturbances. To stress anxiety. Impairments or a fax on relationship. And probably the most immediate and threatening risk which is distracted driving were distracted walking and we have heard. Countless countless cases. Of people stepping are falling into holes are down stairways are walking into oncoming traffic as their distracted and using their eyes. Near Chicago investigators say could. Driver of this car that ended up crushed under a big rig last night killing a passenger may have been texting frenzy Webb was texting while carrying her three month old daughter when she fell right as I was pressing sentence. I stepped off the curve explicit about that my ankles her daughter wasn't hurt but she was on crutches for weeks ever since that I am not Texan walked. According to prosecutors fifty year old Alexandra Manson that was behind the wheel of her Mercedes spends texting a relative. When her car rear ended another vehicle. That other car struck a pedestrian you one weighing as she was in the crosswalk she died. Five days later I think this falls under that common sense category. You know if you're walking in public were driving. That is not the time to be using any kind of technology. Technology and its effects on sleep are pretty well documented sleep experts report that exposure to blue light. Or certain wavelengths that comes even from television but certainly from screens laptops Smartphones. Absolutely have the ability to suppress melatonin that's the sleep hormone they can simulate other parts of our brain. All of which can lead to a disruption in sleep so the recommendations from meeting sleep experts are to unplug. For at least an hour before. You go to sleep close your eyes and to try. Not to check your device if he would wake up at an analyst at night. That does stimulate airplane that's not the time generally. So first tips that I would suggest if you want to a SaaS. Your use of technology and experiment with a thirty day challenge. Using technology in a more mindful manner his first. Engage your friend it's definitely easier. Probably more interest staying. And more doable if you do it with someone so whether that's a significant other friend or family member coworker definitely try to get someone to do it with you some other tips that may help you use that do not disturb feature on your phone at times like meals. Meditation exercise certainly when you're going asleep as possible the other feature that I think is really important can actually help you. Turn off the notification. Especially if you have a full inbox whether it's for business or pleasure. At constant. Apparently hanging from your device. Is really distracting. And lastly. Out of sight out of mind but that device. A weigh in your bag in your pocket when you're outside in nature so that you're not distracted or tempted to have it in your hands. You'd be amazed at how you can eat actually focusing on other things. If your screen has not always within I wish I'd.

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"From a better night sleep to less stress, ABC Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton breaks down the benefits of less screen time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72177049","title":"The unbelievable benefits of going ‘tech-free’ for 30 minutes a day","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/unbelievable-benefits-tech-free-30-minutes-day-72177049"}