2015 Warm Coats & Warm Hearts Coat Drive Kicks Off

The 9th annual "Warm Coasts and Warm Hearts Coat Drive" launches with the theme of "Kids Helping Kids."
2:55 | 11/09/15

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Transcript for 2015 Warm Coats & Warm Hearts Coat Drive Kicks Off
We are so excited to kick off our ninth annual warm coats warm hearts. Coat drive hard hearing began the Burlington and K I DS fashion delivers last year we needed to a 150000. Gently worn coats this year we are gonna smash that record our theme for 2015 if kids helping kids. Sell old even citing kids from damp cold me here did donate for us the Burlington truck is parked right outside in Times Square. Subtle but. Yeah do you come to Patti let's yeah. Come until he's really doesn't have to look back at our nine year yeah. It's even. This year the world. It's just not insists we've given away from one point four million. Fees naturally just hit those to whom she donates a code frustrate you with the help them safe spaces. Marco have to vote rest. GM make you. We getting hit that. Donating at your local Burlington still way. Side. He phenomenon 9 PM Burlington for the best led best we're asking you America. Make this season hotter than ever he's the past ten different tone when they welcome to. We got a lot of warmth and a hard. Now that should warm pressure from colts if you don't need. Because this year no way. He left out in the code. Panic. Let the candidates doing. And maybe not knowing anything you have a good to donate I actually yeah. Do little zing yeah game tonight. Yeah yeah yeah. Diana. Not bad timing he couldn't panic and I don't like at. I'm heading out. Riley didn't right. You knew who gray and that we condemn them. The nation's oldest child welfare agency any easier than right here today in the the thugs in neat animal alliance yeah. They would today and we got me is differences. Olivia hi thank you for having me and we can't singing sound. I love how do you. Just another great shot from the young lady you guys also Karen experience can feel good vibes as well. Good Ani Burlington store to donate it certainly weren't hurt you know he hotline at when he donated take a photo. Uploading using the hash tag give attention to his wife donated you might just behind GM may do anything to kids and parents object calling. As stated in New Jersey Hartford they're awesome coach missed out. Yeah our friend Lee thank you. Good morning.

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{"id":35071593,"title":"2015 Warm Coats & Warm Hearts Coat Drive Kicks Off","duration":"2:55","description":"The 9th annual \"Warm Coasts and Warm Hearts Coat Drive\" launches with the theme of \"Kids Helping Kids.\"","url":"/GMA/video/2015-warm-coats-warm-hearts-coat-drive-kicks-35071593","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}