2016 Presidential Race: Delegate Count

ABC News' Jon Karl and political analyst Matthew Dowd discuss the state of the presidential race.
2:28 | 03/16/16

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Transcript for 2016 Presidential Race: Delegate Count
ABC's Jon Karl joins us with the race on those all-important delegates and, Jon, let's start with the democrats. The results yesterday, how does that change the race? Well, robin, a huge night for Hillary Clinton. She won four of the five states, still waiting on Missouri and that means she won last night the lion's share of the delegates. Look at this, 408 delegates to just 237 for Bernie sanders. Where does it leave the race now? Hillary Clinton so far is two-thirds of the way to getting the delegates she needs to clinch the nomination. She is getting close to a mathematical lock on this. Bernie sanders would need to win all the remaining states by a landslide to catch up with her. As we know, Jon, not as clear cut when it comes to the republicans and the delegates. Not as clear cut but this was also a huge night for Donald Trump. He's won three of the five states so far, Missouri also still close to call. He lost Ohio but look at the delegates. The lion's share of the delegates going to Donald Trump last night. Kasich coming in second with 75 and in terms of where he stands so far he has not a big a lead over Hillary Clinton but more than half the way. As for John kasich, that huge win, you saw the confetti in Ohio, he would need, robin, 101% of the remaining delegates to clinch before the convention. 101%. That's hard to do. Yes, it is. All right, Jon, thank you. George. Okay, here with Matthew dowd our political analyst. Let's begin with the republicans. Donald Trump has a clearer path to the nomination. No guarantee though he can get that 1,237. He said he can unite the party. Big job. Huge and as we saw in the exit polls he's got a problem with the non-trump voters. The folk if they were to take out trump are a huge problem. The trump voters, many won't vote for a non-trump candidate. One thing that is fascinating, contested convention we have not seen a second ballot and two things have changed. One, the voters are now involved. No primary the last time we had a contested convention and, two, technology and TV. A contested convention in this convention is going to be the most unique thing we've ever seen. Donald Trump, if he has the lead and they take it away for him disaster for the party. It would be a disaster in Cleveland. I think that basically we're at the precipice of the republican party being broken already. Hillary Clinton wrapped this up? Yes. He got no psychology and energy out this so I think she's well on her way and will be the

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"ABC News' Jon Karl and political analyst Matthew Dowd discuss the state of the presidential race. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"37685334","title":"2016 Presidential Race: Delegate Count","url":"/GMA/video/2016-presidential-race-delegate-count-37685334"}