2017 Academy Awards fashion preview

Yahoo Style's Joe Zee reports on styles we might see on the red carpet.
2:21 | 02/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2017 Academy Awards fashion preview
Welcome back, everybody. We all have our reasons for watching the oscars. Beyond who will take home the golden statue. Many, like Ron, rob, and Dan, are highly interested in the fashion choices. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Joe zee is the editor in chief of Yahoo! Style. He joins us this morning. Thank you for join us, Joe. Good morning. It's early and cold here, too. I don't think you went to bed last night is that how early it is on the west coast? How do you think if runway will affect the red carpet tonight? You know that the oscars is the final stop on the awards circuit. And for fashion, the most coveted. You see a lot of celebrities hitting the red carpet. The fight to be so exclusive has gotten worse every year. I hear that Emma stone is going to be wearing couture givenchy. Brie Larson will wear a brand-new exclusive look from Oscar de la Renta's new designers that nobody else can wear tonight. Interesting that people fought for that. Who is going to be pushing the envelope the most? The most adventurous dressed. I have to give that to Nicole kidman. Did you see her at the S.A.G. Awards? The green gresz with the feathers and the parrots. You look at somebody like Janelle Monet. She sticks to black and white. She's told designers that she'll only wear black and white. Meryl Streep making news. Claims by Karl lagger Feld that she refused to wear Chanel because she's wearing something somebody paid her to wear. She said she's never paid to wear anybody. What's your take snrvelgts I'm going with Meryl. Pay to play has been a dirty secret for a long time. A lot of the designers do pay the actresses, especially the oscars. And the jewelry has been going on for years. Thank you, Joe, for getting up so early. You're looking dapper. Of course. Thank you so much. And "Pop news" with Diane Macedo is next.

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{"id":45746617,"title":"2017 Academy Awards fashion preview","duration":"2:21","description":"Yahoo Style's Joe Zee reports on styles we might see on the red carpet.","url":"/GMA/video/2017-academy-awards-fashion-preview-45746617","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}