New Alleged Clown Sighting at Apartment Complex Playground in South Carolina

Former FBI agent Brad Garrett joins "GMA" to discuss the third reported incident in 10 days of clowns trying to lure children into the woods with money.
5:52 | 09/01/16

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Transcript for New Alleged Clown Sighting at Apartment Complex Playground in South Carolina
Welcome back. Time for our big board. Our team of insiders standing by for more. T.j. Holmes at the table. We'll talk to him in a bit. But first let's begin with the story right out of the Stephen king novel, another in a series of alleged clown sightings. Two dressed in costumes at an apartment's complex playground chased away by a concerned resident. The third reported incident in just ten days. Former FBI agent brad Garrett is joining us. And, brad, full disclosure. I am completely and totally creeped out by clowns, always have been and the reports that they're standing under street lamps and waving and trying to lure people away with money. Have you seen anything like this before? I have seen situations where people try to lure kids at playgrounds, sex offenders attracted to kid, for example, however, keep in mind I have a 6-year-old. I watch cartoons with him. There are clowns in a very positive light so there might be an angle for them as far as luring kids. It wouldn't have worked with me, I'm just saying. There have been sightings like this in other parts and sometimes the residents want to take matters into their own hands but how does the FBI get an ham on this and how seriously do they take it? Very serious. Keep in mind that you're going to track these guys probably through other clowns in the community. That is sort of a niche, small group of people. Also who sells makeup, wigs and the outfits for clowns? It's got to be small so my guess is, those are two viable leads. Two viable leads and the clown community feels targeted. Okay, brad Garrett, thanks very much. Sorry to all the good clowns out there. We move on to a move from Google that could transform rides to work. A report in "The Wall Street journal" says it will introduce car pool service on their waze app and Becky Worley has more. Heading in the same direction, they pay a much lower fare. What if kinding a car pool was as easy as getting an Uber. That's what this is trying to do. First commuter with a car, they punch their route into waze that helps with mapping and traffic and then car poolers are alerted and can ask to join them. What's cool, waze even hams sharing the cost of gas, they let riders pay about 50 cents a mile. Pretty good deal. I know this is a different business model than Uber. Still looking at a Google versus Uber competition here. Amy, I think everybody wants a piece of Uber's business and this might snag a few riders but I talked to sources really deep inside waze and say it's not what it's about. For one the rate is too cheap to incentivizze drivers. $10 for a 20-mile ride. Nobody is making a living off it and waze says this is about making commutes easier. Some altruism. Think we despise traffic, anything at all to make it better, I am so in. I know this is just starting. Hard to think it's going to work in realtype. The drivers out there on the road detours to pick somebody up. Safety issues. Are they vetted? I think there are a lot of questions still. This is a beta program. Both are excellent questions that will no doubt be answered as they sort of iterate and get this program ready to market. Becky, thank you. We know you'll be on top. Now to what could be the beginning of the end for a long-standing high school tradition naming that class valedictorian. An Indiana school district considering a proposal that we move that title and replacing it with a more inclusive system of student recognition. T.j. Holmes is here. So -- Like this? In no, I don't think. I think people should be we regarded for being incredible. Why does this high school want to stop this. The everybody gets a trophy mentality. Puts undrew pressure on them and kids are not making decisions based on future and dlej but trying to get the gpa up and they'll vote on the school board next week. If it's the case they will do away with valedictorians but before we give them too much of a hard time it's a growing trend around the country. Is it really. It is. A lot of schools are getting rid of the valedictorians. I'm kind of with Amy. I do understand the idea if kids are manipulating their schedules and not challenging themselves in any way kind of defeats the purpose. Not just about the easy cases but proliferation of ap and honor courses and can inflate your gpa. If we're in the same seen color, that would have been fun, right? Senior class and I get all As, she does but she ma nanipulated the system and she has a 4.7, I have a 4.0. Why is hers better. All these kids are senatomart. Isn't competition healthy, Becky, brad? Well. I bet they're saying -- I didn't want to hear what they had to say anyway. School last year, 30 valedictorians in California. 1 17 valedictorians in one graduating class because they said forget the system, anybody with a 4.0 and above you're a valedictorian. 117 4.0s, good for that class. That waters down the system. Do we have the Mikes up for Becky and brad. Hello. Can anyone hear us, America. Celebrating winners makes others want to be winners, I'm sticking with it. Brad. Absolutely. It's a competition and it's healthy and kids don't get enough of it. We are all old school. But we're not running school boards. T.j., Becky, brad, thanks to all of you.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"Former FBI agent Brad Garrett joins \"GMA\" to discuss the third reported incident in 10 days of clowns trying to lure children into the woods with money. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41792304","title":"New Alleged Clown Sighting at Apartment Complex Playground in South Carolina","url":"/GMA/video/alleged-clown-sighting-apartment-complex-playground-south-carolina-41792304"}