America's fittest truck driver shares his tips live on 'GMA'

Author Siphiwe Baleka, a former college athlete, shares how he stays in shape despite having a largely sedentary lifestyle.
4:48 | 03/28/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for America's fittest truck driver shares his tips live on 'GMA'
America's fittest truck driver. He is here to share tips from his four-minute tip plan. First Mara has the story. Yale graduate and former olympic hopeful siphiwe baleka has always been fit. Until he started truck driving in 2008 and instantly started gaining weight. He's not alone. Obesity in the trucking industry is twice the average rate. So he took control of his health. This is driver health and fitness class number 40. Then helped transform the lives of thousands of other truckers with his breakthrough 13-week program 4-minute fit. Get those knees up. He recently partnered with Progressive's healthy truckers initiative. Helping truck drivers with their health is what I'm good at. And it's needed. Reporter: His mission for the long haul. The long haul and the author is here "The 4-minute fits is here. So wonderful to meet you. Thank you. Everybody's got something. I love how you found something to share with others. College swimmer, you attended Yale. How did you get into trucking? Well, I was traveling the word and I wanted to keep traveling. I wanted to see America. I had a friend say, hey, you should drive a truck, it suits your nomadic lifestyle and next thing I knew I was in the truck. And next thing you know you were gaping weight and is this how you many came up with this. I gained 10.7% of my body weight in the first part of my driving career. I had to take responsibility for my health while I was out on the road and I also realized there's millions of other truck drivers who are facing the same problem. Well, let's meet two of them. Let's meet Carlos and Tom. Carlos and Tom, come on out here. Come on. The before pictures. Hey. Come on over here. Carlos. Nice to see you. Tom. My man. Good to meet you both. All right. All right. So, tell us your story here. What was your situation, Carlos? Just I was very overweight. Just trucking lifestyle is rough on us. How much did you lose? I lost over 50 pounds. 50 pounds. And this is weight you gained trucking? Yes. Right after I got out of the military I gained a lot of this weight? Thank you for your years of service in the military. Thank you. Appreciate it. Hey, Tom, so, Tom, hello there. So tell us about how much weight you lost and what motivated you. 88 pounds. Really. Yes. That much And you said you -- we see the pictures beforehand. You said you always had an issue with your -- Yes, unfortunately. A lot of people are like that. You said you saw a picture with your wife and that's what told uh-huh to do something different. Yes, when I saw that picture I was like, it's time -- Picture right here. It's time for a change. Not just for myself but for my kids, for my wife, for my family. I needed to get healthy, so that's what motivated me. Bless you. To do this. You know what, I love it. The hat. You don't have to just be a trucker. You don't have to just be a trucker to benefit from this so you'll show us a couple of quick exercises. We'll show you what you can do. Our drivers, they're on the road 300 days so we had to bring the gym to the truck. So Carlos is going to do lunges, this is something he can do on the side of his truck but can you do this at your desk, you can do this in a hotel room, right. So, these lunges they're working all the leg muscles. O. And it's helping to build mitochond mitochondria. That's what you need to burn fat. Carlos, keep doing your lunges. Tom is going to shadow box. Okay. This is my favorite exercise. I love this one. It's fun. The key is, keep going. Okay. Fat burning and you want to do it with as much intensity as you can do. Four minutes is all you need to turn your metabolism on. And it really lets out some frustration, doesn't it, Tom? I oughta. Thank you so much for sharing this. "The 4-minute fit" hits book stores tomorrow but today you all, you all --

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Author Siphiwe Baleka, a former college athlete, shares how he stays in shape despite having a largely sedentary lifestyle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46410428","title":"America's fittest truck driver shares his tips live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/americas-fittest-truck-driver-shares-tips-live-gma-46410428"}