Amputee Football Player Makes Return to Field

Devastating injury should have ended his chances of ever playing the sport again, but it didn't.
3:19 | 09/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amputee Football Player Makes Return to Field
But first, this is a story i have been looking forward to bringing you, inspirational and some high school athlete who suffered what for anyone would be a devastating injury. It could have maybe should have ended his chances of ever playing sports again. Look is making the return to the field this weekend defying all the odds. On the field coney deal wears number 7 which for some, very lucky. But for it's fitting if not co-incidental journey assignment because that's how he feels after overcoming what many assumed would be a dream-shattering loss. Why does this have to happen to me? I know what it feels like to have a last game or what i thought was my last play. Reporter: What dole thought would be his last play was 11 months ago in warden, montana. His leg snapped at the knee and after several emergency surgeries became so infected doctors gave him a very sobering choice. Either keep the leg and risk further illness or lose a part of himself. As soon as I found out i might have to amputate I started looking up amp pewties that play sports and made the promise i was going to be back out on the field. Reporter: Dole would soon be fitted with a prosthetic, a piece of flexible carbon fiber where his shin calf and foot were. For some learning to walk naturally but dole didn't give up and within three months he was back wrestling for his high school and by last spring he was running track. A lot of people don't see the process he goes through getting ready for practice. Taking care of the leg after practice, you know, taking care of the skin. Even though the pain was excruciating and just forcing myself to do the little things probably got me to where I am right now. Reporter: But there was one last place he wanted to get, more than anything, back on the football field, back to the game he's loved since birth. The doctors were telling me i would never play football again so I just kind of had that in the back of my head like, you know, I was like kind of driving me. Reporter: And then the moment he had been waiting for. Less than one year after his amputation, dole made his comeback this weekend, the boy with the bionic leg, not just playing but running for two scores and helping his team win the game. For dole, the moment was surreal. Just overcome all this and to be back on the field with my teammates is probably the best feeling I've ever had. And this morning he is showing no signs of slowing down. His dream school, montana state, just offered him a chance to walk on and a future like those friday night lights looking brighter than ever. when I first heard the story, i thought, you know, it's a thing where the other team is sort of letting him score because he wanted to get back out. He's playing. He's contributing. He's just a person. It is a remarkable thing and koni dole, here's to you. Here's to you, my friend.

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{"id":20135005,"title":"Amputee Football Player Makes Return to Field","duration":"3:19","description":"Devastating injury should have ended his chances of ever playing the sport again, but it didn't.","url":"/GMA/video/amputee-football-player-makes-return-field-20135005","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}