Amy Adams Juggles Two Men and Two Accents in 'American Hustle'

The Oscar-nominated actress talks about what it was like shooting her new film.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Amy Adams Juggles Two Men and Two Accents in 'American Hustle'
So much buzz about "american hustle," the highly-anticipated film from david o. Russell, with an oscar-nominated winning ensemble cast, including amy adams. You look great, hon. We're going to take a look and then, we'll chat. Okay. Am I ever going to get out to a better place? Or is this it? You feel like that? Yeah. Yeah, I do. I definitely feel that. I'm sorry, we don't have to go dancing. We can go have coffee or something. No, no, no. No. I need this. Please. I need to go dancing with you. Please. Okay, baby. Let's go dancing. And, yes, they went dancing. You went to a discotheque. Good to have you back here. You're a real woman. Putting on your shoes. Family all around. You have to juggle. You can't -- these shoes are not built for speed. That's great. We really appreciate you for so many different reasons. This particular character, a little complicated. A little complicated, she is. She's very complicated. She has a lot going on. Juggling two men and her own misery, all of that, yes. And she wasn't happy with who she is. And so, she has this different person that she has become. And she fools a lot of people, including the fbi agent, played by bradley cooper. Exactly. We get ourselves in some trouble. And I sort of have adapted -- i was watching the "downton abbey" cast. And lady edith. She adopts a persona and fools him and tries to manipulate him. Good fun. You said you really enjoyed some of the scenes you did. Like the one with christian bale. Every time he takes on a role, he becomes that person. And there's a wonderful scene. You guys are barely saying anything, in the dry cleaners. Yeah. That really spoke to you, too? It did. It was one of my favorite scenes. I love the quiet scenes in movies. He does a thing, when his glasses comes off. He looks at her so intimately and vulnerably. There's one of these things, when a man looks at you like that, they're giving you his soul, and such a precious gift. On the flipside of that, it was soulful and peaceful. You hauled off and hit bradley cooper's character. Did you have to be talked into it? You know, I believe you can accomplish something without hurting someone. I kept hitting him. David's yelling, hit him. And his face started swelling. In real life, it started swelling. Oh, yeah. It started swelling. I certainly hope you have it because I think bradley needs some ice. I felt very badly about that. It seems like you all got along. And jennifer lawrence, she jumps off the screen. She does. She's just instoppable. And in this character, just had so much to work with. And really embraces this sort of insanity that's created. We have this scene here that -- this was your idea. The end of it, yeah. We don't want to give it away. I was thinking, my character's so strong and so angry, why would I let her walk out of the room? What could she do to get me to freeze? What if she does this. And she was game. It's a wonderful thing about jennifer, she's up for anything. And she's just fantastic. Everybody is holding their own on that. You guys must have changed costumes about 50 times. 50 times, yes. There's beautiful pictures in that, as well. Thank you very much. Was that part of it? Yeah, I mean. She's trying on all of these different personas. So, the costumes were a big part of how she defines herself. It's like her armor, really. The stronger she feels, the less clothes she wears. How she wants to feel. But she uses it as a manipulation and as a weapon. But it was such an insane shoot that some of the costumes were a closet at a house. You find somewhere to change with dignity and modesty. It worked. We felt like we were in the '70s. The hair. Everyone had a different style going. We had a great design team. Really lucky with everybody we worked with. Michael wilkinson, who did the costumes. And kathy and everyone, who did the hair and makeup. Really ambitious and went for it. Josh gives it two thumbs up. I saw it last night. I do, too. It is great. And the cast coming together. The director, everything. Thank you very much. Thank you. Enjoy your family. I will. Have a good time. In the holiday season. "American hustle" opens in select theaters this friday. Nationwide next friday. Coming ♪

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Oscar-nominated actress talks about what it was like shooting her new film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21160505","title":"Amy Adams Juggles Two Men and Two Accents in 'American Hustle'","url":"/GMA/video/amy-adams-interview-2013-actress-juggles-men-accents-21160505"}