Atlantic City Casinos Set to Close Down

The famed boardwalk is about to change with the closure of iconic gambling destinations.
2:17 | 08/31/14

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Transcript for Atlantic City Casinos Set to Close Down
money." He says money won the twice as sweet as money earned? Given that gambling has always held such a strong lower for some of us, how to explain what is happening to the famous casinos in Atlantic City. What's going on here? Reporter: The casino business has always been a bit of lady luck. In the past few yeerks the casinos in New Jersey have been rolling the dice. This morning, icons being shuttered. Three popular Atlantic City casinos cashing out and closing their doors after months of financial struggles. It's a sad day. Terrible. I'm very disappointed. Ah, it's a bummer. I hate to see it go. Reporter: Later today, the the show both Pax up. Followed by the revel casino, just two years old. Finally, the trump plaza in two weeks. These closures expected to leave nearly 25% of the city's work force jobless. I have family members that have been working for the trump for over 30 years. And, she doesn't know what she's going to do. A lot of bills. Family, cars, lives, houses, children. Scary. Scary time for my family and I. Reporter: The city embedded in American culture, glamorized in shows like "Boardwalk empire". Atlantic City. Reporter: Have been on the decline. Casinos have lost nearly $3 million in ref knew. Now, only eight casinos will remain. We can come here every single year for years. My grandparents going to the case seen most to. It's something they look forward to every year. I don't know what they're going to do. Reporter: Atlantic City's mayor is saying New Jersey may try to ease the pinch on the workers. Remaining casinos are pledging to hire some of the laidoff workers. That's a lot of difference to make up. ? Yeah. Thinking about those workers this morning. Thank you, Michelle. Now, a whole lot of trouble

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{"id":25194848,"title":"Atlantic City Casinos Set to Close Down","duration":"2:17","description":"The famed boardwalk is about to change with the closure of iconic gambling destinations.","url":"/GMA/video/atlantic-city-casinos-set-close-25194848","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}