Authorities continue to monitor giant Florida sinkhole

The massive sinkhole has swallowed two homes already in Pasco County, north of Tampa.
2:12 | 07/16/17

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Transcript for Authorities continue to monitor giant Florida sinkhole
We want to move to Florida and the threat posed by a giant singhole. Victor Oquendo is in land O lake Florida with more. Reporter: Dan, Paula, good morning to you. There are a few concerns out here. This sinkhole could still grow. And because of all the house hold chemicals and the septic tanks, this is a hazmat situation. This morning, emergency officials monitoring the enormous sinkhole that swal dod two homes. Neighbors witnessed and recorded the moments. I was in shock. Reporter: From our drone you see what is left of a bathroom, roofing, and even a boat. The county emergency officials calling it the biggest sinkhole in at least three decades. Taking us up to the edge of the disaster area. My anticipation is this home, these two over here, another one behind us, these folks will not be able to get back in their homes. Reporter: Nine homes total have been evacuated. Including terrances'. He was able to retrieve some belongings. As I looked closer, instead of looking at the -- the fronts of their house, I'm looking at Steven Vaughn's master bedroom and closet. Reporter: It's 225 wide and 50 feet deep. While unusually large, sink holes are a common problem in Florida. They occur when limestone underground gets eaten away by water. Creating a cave. And the weight above becomes too heavy. The arch roof gets so thin that it can't handle the weight and you get a dramatic collapse. That ground gets soaked by rain and gets heavier than I would be otherwise. Reporter: Good news here. Four of the neighbors who had to evacuate have been able to return. As for the other five, they won't be back for at least another week. Dan and Paula? And so many people have nothinging to go back to. Great to have you again, Victor. Let's send things over to

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{"id":48664986,"title":"Authorities continue to monitor giant Florida sinkhole","duration":"2:12","description":"The massive sinkhole has swallowed two homes already in Pasco County, north of Tampa.","url":"/GMA/video/authorities-continue-monitor-giant-florida-sinkhole-48664986","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}