'Beautiful Creatures' Stars Dish on Characters, Influences

Alden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert and Emmy Rossum discuss the highly anticipated film on "GMA."
4:08 | 02/12/13

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Transcript for 'Beautiful Creatures' Stars Dish on Characters, Influences
we're back with the stars of "beautiful creatures." The hot new romance film. We're going to talk to the three in a moment. But first, take a look. You think lena's a good girl now. If her nature doesn't take over, the curse will. I'm warning you. You know it's true. Oh, look at my manners. Here, honey. Oh, really? And away we go. Happy to have alice englert, emmy rossum. And jeremy irons, part of the cast. You hadn't read them. Whid you think when you checked into the story? I thought it was a wonderfully character-driven story. A story that had spectacular things and magical elements. The character felt so real to me in the book and the script. I know, alice, you turned down the role at first. What got you to accept? It wasn't actually an offer. I didn't want to audition. I didn't read the script. Now, it was a very good idea before you say no to things. And it was really very simply reading the script that changed my mind. Again, it's a supernatural story, roots are in humanity, which I think are really important, when working with this genre. It can't just be special-effects driven. And I read all of the books. Every one. Even the new one that came out. Even in that clip, you're a baddy here. How does it? I felt so bad being so horrible. But it was really fun. I never get to be the villain. What I love about this story is it gives the power back to the women in the story, which is new for -- so good of a message to send to young girls, the women. It's about claiming yourself and not letting your past dictate who you're going to be. Not to confine it. We look to compare. We look to compare and contrast. "Twilight" being thrown around a lot now, for any number of reasons. What do you think of the comparisons? He had to readjust for that. Put on the game face. I haven't seen them. I don't know how similar the stories are. That movie kind of opened up this genre and made it something that was commercially viable. I think that because of that, these other films are able to be made. But I think this film has its own dna and its own unique brand of humor. It's really funny. A funny movie. And dark. Sexy. The writer/director started out in standup comedy. You feel that in the movie. It undercuts the moments with humor. It's really nice. You could see that as you were starting to recap it, you say it with some snark. Panache. Emmy, you are incredibly busy. There's not a bit of media you have not touched. Album out. Show on showtime. How does the schedule work out for you right now? It doesn't. I don't sleep. I do. It's so fun. I love what I do. And this is so special. It's a great book, a great movie. And I'm constantly inspired by getting to work with amazing people. Jeremy irons and everyone on my show, too. These wonderful actors I'm lucky enough to sit next to this morning are so talented. Everyone asks me, did you give them advice? No. I learn from them. They're gifted. We had viola davis on. It opens thursday. Valentine's day. Best of luck. Thursday, theaters nationwide. Do not miss it.

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{"id":18475527,"title":"'Beautiful Creatures' Stars Dish on Characters, Influences","duration":"4:08","description":"Alden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert and Emmy Rossum discuss the highly anticipated film on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/beautiful-creatures-stars-dish-characters-influences-18475527","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}