The Best Fashion Moments at the Golden Globes

ABC News' Lara Spencer and the creative director of Yahoo Style, Joe Zee, discuss who was the best dressed at the Golden Globes.
4:51 | 01/09/17

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Transcript for The Best Fashion Moments at the Golden Globes
It stars in mad hot on the red carpet last night joining me now Bruntlett I think retail Jose. Creative director at Yahoo! style video Sony on the parties not high value yet that was a good night was a great night in a really fun interesting heightened passion. I agree with you a lot of ball towards the but also very different unexpected choice and the nature and one of the big trends. Well it's not metallic and went in there aren't we are hesitant to say the trends are becoming staple yet awards shows these days but I love Metallica lot of gold. You know unexpected and talented yet Harry Washington attack oh beautiful and even Terry we're from a herself throughout the warts he length which I loved it with a look at war. Like that sort of account certainly that's something you'll see translated the real reconcile what interpreted that he's here related to Wear that yeah bowling for which it's just weeks before the fifth person stepped on my god the hot spot up with a way to go let's from our favorite programmer. You you I would agree Kristen Bell. Well my thoughts spectacular gentler pac 10%. That navy was pantsuit you have like a top. He'll it was an it was not masculine it was just. Just might know but it with actually a hybrid of a tuxedo with a lot of women with where I Evan Rachel Wood and half and Octavia Spencer but. I'd love this dress because it was that sort of evening gown but then you know the things aren't I just love the full effective as well I have someone to bring up. Reese Weatherspoon and I bring her up because I just think she knows what works on her body. And she looked great and that. Canary yellow. Really clean hair and nice puppy laugh when I love that allowed brief to look spectacular movies aren't really modern. And not color were saying at the very difficult color to Wear. I love Viola Davis also wearing a strong yellow like that and you're wearing a similar color of well right now inspired a cup. I love it though because I think. How do you pick a color and say that's good work but it always works remember Taylor showed up at the Golden Globes last year and that color. And it really was so dynamic on it really it's it's a strong color it's a strong choice. We've both it was funny I was reading the notes we both gave us up here berg are on the scene named. Though Bob Bob law award helped him naught but a. But it did not look like that's on the because it was. Great urban health care and different what you normally Wear them while and I was. Much more easy though the illusion and it was the goal I'm not I don't know how easy let's answer a couple of hot. He was easy on the eyes I mean how close it was so sexy stunning I saw her in the hallways walking out. And it was like painting I was just I was at that they leery looks like gold foil hat on her. And not even address the news she wears that sell well and reports. That was due him ride and you know while Republicans are rightly called. You know I didn't love that is very much I just thought it was very theatrical. I don't a lot of people did tell us why well I'd love the whole sort of regal that's evident clearly there's sort of this princess Bard and. I gifting gore really won out operated well but I don't and I don't usually am not a person that strong to romantic dresses or even a. But there was something about the way that she carried it off that felt very modern and young at that time I'm with you and actually making their dresses you I think for me it had. That big a and it looked a little older yet that and I'm younger here but yeah I just love the way that she carried out off and it final shot odds are girl Traci honest reason yadda. Corporate Sheila and she was wearing. Zoo Latin garage adds that trust was gorgeous and beautiful her accessories. She had a ring on every single finger Oltmanns really. Thought all. A lot of time went into this hurts she and her luck. And I think she can apart so I love SS Jack bureau absolutely absolutely and he has a style icon and and you want and zoo one final. Loved moment for Sienna Miller. I did you were surprised by light Sienna Miller little surprise what you know what it is she wore a very very simple white Michael quartets with just cut out. Deliberately looked like a T shirt and I would think that in a math. A metallic since he quit and then trains and and everything that's going on it was nice and something to really. Pared down their downed animal again I would not say that this is dressed for every one but Deanna spirited off with so much confidence in the great on her. Do you have any predictions or trends that won't be seeing Oscars who I don't know what the torso but coming up there if things are at it we're gonna feel a lot more. I think it's a problem more bright colors I think we're all ready to be much more enjoyment happiness and her had been heading into its top Susie thank you it was a daily news and sound that we are their primary care emergency room. Amy I don't have you would now according to respond listening TJ because you named it my two favorites Kristen Bell who looked stunning I love Turkey and the Viola Davis I love that yellow have a UTJ well you know. Zoo that more rod I think that's my favorite design and adults if you just say that I.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"ABC News' Lara Spencer and the creative director of Yahoo Style, Joe Zee, discuss who was the best dressed at the Golden Globes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44638366","title":"The Best Fashion Moments at the Golden Globes","url":"/GMA/video/best-fashion-moments-golden-globes-44638366"}