The best moments from the 2017 American Music Awards

ABC News' Nick Watt went behind the scenes at the biggest fan-voted awards show and brings a roundup of the highlights of the big night.
3:52 | 11/20/17

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Transcript for The best moments from the 2017 American Music Awards
Hey, the cmas were fantastic. I mean, it's all about the music. And then last night the American music awards packed a powerhouse performance as well and celebrated so many incredible women like Diana Ross so let's go back to Nick watt and, Nick, the stars were raving about miss Diana backstage, weren't they? In they were. You know, robin, backstage, everyone, the young and the slightly older crediting Diana Ross with inspiring, empowering and entertaining but, you know, as I was walking to the theater in the afternoon, hours before the show, I could hear massive cheering and it wasn't for Diana Ross, it was for a band called bts. ??? You know ??? Reporter: The loudest, the highest creams of the night for K pop sensation bts. Their very first American TV performance. ??? DNA ??? Reporter: I caught them on their way in. Nervous. Yes. Reporter: They nailed it. ??? Take it take it ??? Reporter: But this became a night celebrating exceptional women. Christina Aguilera whitney/"bodyguard" medley ??? and I will always love you ??? Reporter: Marking the movie's 25th anniversary. We also H Kelly Clarkson on stage. ??? What is this feeling taking over ??? Reporter: And pink singing while hanging off the side of a hotel. She is literally superwoman. ??? Time to keep coming. We found a company called bandidos and they are aerial dancers and this is what they do. Dance at high heights all over the world so we found them on Instagram and sent them to pink and said we need to do this and she said yeah, we do. Reporter: Also some stellar performances from alessia CARA. Skylar grey. This is all about us just, you know, enjoying each other as singers and so everybody knows, it's okay there's room for everyone. Reporter: And -- I'm coming? My seat is right in front of where she's performing. Relationship the queen of motown. Diana Ross. ??? I'm coming out ??? ??? I want the world to know ??? Reporter: Here to accept a lifetime achievement award. Daughter Tracee singing along. She hosted the show. My entire family is here! They are not here for me. But they are here. Reporter: Yes, they are I heard a rumor you discovered Diana Ross. I sure did. I noticed her when she was 8 years old. I was sound checking before last night and I came to say hi and I got so nervous I couldn't do it. Reporter: And she brought the entire family. Mom wanted all the kids there, all the grandchildren. ??? Wide enough to keep me from you ain't no mountain high enough rants no valley low enough ain't no river wide enough to keep me from you ??? Reporter: 73 years old and still going strong, strong enough to make Nick Jonas blush, I love that and one direction news, niall Horan told me he won for best new artist. He told me if he gets the call he will get back together with one direction. Niall, you better not be lying to me. So excited. How much fun did you have last night, Nick? Reporter: I had a lot of fun last night. You know that awards show is the best. People are chill. People are relaxed. It is super, super fun night. Oh, gosh and then to have -- miss Diana Ross out there on stage like that. Her grandchildren were really having a great time.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"ABC News' Nick Watt went behind the scenes at the biggest fan-voted awards show and brings a roundup of the highlights of the big night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51274000","title":"The best moments from the 2017 American Music Awards","url":"/GMA/video/best-moments-2017-american-music-awards-51274000"}