Blake Bortles Prepares for NFL Draft With Mother's Day on Horizon

Football star and his mom join "GMA Live" to discuss their exciting week.
4:00 | 05/07/14

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Transcript for Blake Bortles Prepares for NFL Draft With Mother's Day on Horizon
Congratulations and thank -- -- this is such a huge moment for both of you confidence. And it could become a mother is ailing public and that is when it involves -- slightly more -- -- it. -- -- -- -- -- It's so it's that's awesome -- experience to go -- for -- and have my mother saying kind of give her present. May regret that this is cut and get a part of her president. -- give us something else but on this part of the president and -- has really been a great experience. What are you going during -- -- because I mean you look at the press around this draft. There's so home much there there's so many different people saying -- he's gonna go first is getting a second he's -- It's stressful yeah there's a lot of people that have opinions that don't really know what they're talking about how you want to mention it may -- So I mean he's got a he had -- really ignore everything that goes on within the media. Because it's all speculation and their assumptions and everything so hopefully. Tomorrow night. We'll find out what the teams actually think. And that's probably the only person that you need to worry about what that what she thinks it's your mommy -- -- -- -- very supportive what's the experience been like for you. Husband son. You know he came on the says scene later. Thompson the other guys have very used to being in the spotlight and we kind of got thrown into -- it's been great we've had so much -- it's been amazing journey and around. Again -- -- half. This fits them we just felt really incredibly the last two for him to be on -- -- -- history. Congratulations. Yes it's really sweet to see you here right and don't be sorry at all what what what makes you feel that way -- has -- you know. We we laugh at home. He -- -- -- treated at a high school he was you know we went he went to an amazing school and they gave an opportunity that others didn't. And -- he's had to fight his way all the -- Through and -- and Harry is this an innocent he ensuring can't come -- heat. He I think his big dream was to possibly get drafted ethic and for me to get a tryout that split -- his mind -- was because of everything that happened not to this point and here we are with him you know hopefully going in first round and so -- mean it's it's a huge dream come true and sent. That's the emotional part because -- waiting for you where it all started to sink in. I think goes out in California. You know after the -- -- -- -- -- that kind of get ready for everything I was like wow you know it's actually happening. You know this is this is really. Reality so that was stuffed animal house since this huge. After calling your mom yeah. I'll do when you realize you -- put out. That's right come on mom. It was that when my brother that. And girlfriends now. This issue isn't she was over alleged she was tough yeah. Hudson suddenly tuned there's there's a lesson because -- stated -- the overcoming that that moment where you where it. The obvious right to get the beginning what would you tell kids that and that it. Yeah I think it's -- -- -- -- much injury and you know there's never boundaries or borders that can't be crossed and not my thing always -- -- stay in Afghanistan focus and him being dedicated you know goes -- -- life. A wonderful wonderful minister moms that -- fighters who he might -- and there's a big fight in front of me too I mean once you get and the fight doesn't stop I was kind of the you know you open on a -- to a new chapter. So I look forward to we hope that chapter is very bright we know we're happy thank you got suddenly they don't care much did take some -- yeah. Okay. I am a good senators sent a good life C a blank thank you very much anger and --

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{"id":23621181,"title":"Blake Bortles Prepares for NFL Draft With Mother's Day on Horizon","duration":"4:00","description":"Football star and his mom join \"GMA Live\" to discuss their exciting week.","url":"/GMA/video/blake-bortles-prepares-nfl-draft-mothers-day-horizon-23621181","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}